Just bought some Safemoon

I posted here when I invested in Dodge Coin that did really well

I have now invested in Safemoon. They have all kinds of utilities that will be coming online soon.

Plus to show how legit they are they have today taken a 1 year advert showing every 20 mins in Time Square for that’s 365 days every 20 mins

This not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor I am just saying what I am up to again

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Do we need a new thread every time someone buys something?


I just bought some Cava and a cheeseboard in Waitrose if anyone is interested.

*this is not financial advice


Buying advertising is not proof of legitimacy. See: Viola Black.


I just picked up some magic beans, they’re really cheap right now.

Plus to show how legit they are there are excursions to Giant Land every day for the next century.

*I am not a financial advisor. Nor am I a keen gardener.


Luckily the mute thread button comes as a free accessory :sweat_smile:

I wish there was a “disappear thread” button

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:joy::joy: I have just realized why this community forum has died as it’s only the same few posters left who reply to everything

I won’t add anything further Enjoy your forum


Thanks. And happy new year!


Tbf if you hit the options for the post as a whole and then select muted, it disappears from view. You’ll only be able to find the post again by manually searching for it.

It never used to work like that but maybe in the last month or so an update must have taken place to configure it, to do that.

It is a little unfair that people have hijacked the thread because they are not interested in the topic. We have different threads for different banks, different countries so why not different cryptocurrency?

I’ve not heard of Safemoon myself, but it is something to look into on my Crypto journey. Have a 2022 plan to buy at least £10 of each cryptocurrency on Coinbase :sweat_smile:


Consider me interested

A firmer investment than crypto


Depends on your point of view. Its year to date returns outperform the major stock index’s in 2021.

Ethereum: 393%
Bitcoin: 64%
S&P 500: 30%
Nasdaq: 25%
Euro Stoxx 50: 21%
FTSE 100: 13%

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I am leaving this discussion of crypto now, past lessons definitely learnt

May it hurt as few people as possible

My theory is because it’s a banking community.

The same reason we don’t have one for each bit of tech, each car, each game, film etc.

Topics as such are generalised. Posting this into the below topic would be better suited rather than a standalone one in my opinion.

It’s where all altcoins and such are discussed.

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I’m in with this. You got a share link :joy:

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CheeseCoin is hot right now. Which is problematic

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Monzo nearly 6 million users

Monzo community forum 10 die hard Monzo users waiting to pounce on any one new who might post - otherwise they simply reply to each other :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sorry Couldn’t resist it while I tried to turn off email notifications when someone replies to my post.

Happy new year :partying_face:


And a happy new year to you too #1 and all those out there in our glorious community

Sounds like someone is planning a business meeting! I am in!