Has anyone used Wealthify before? Just signed up. I think it could make an interesting partnership for Monzo.

If you have used it what are your thoughts?


Yep been investing about 13 months adventurous plan +12% dropped a bit last few weeks markets been hammered but I’m only down 1% for last three months

Customer service good

Circles good idea to reduce fees 50 circle member to get 20% discount if Monzo could refer user I’m sure they could do a fee share

I’m a previous investor via seedrs investor so have low fees no longer an investor been bought out by Aviva

App could do with a bit of work you need to log into website to get full functionality


Thought I heard of higher returns than that on that plan. Interesting feedback though thank you.
Would be a nice edition if you could withdraw regular payments. But I don’t think that will be coming anytime soon.

I like it, think it has huge potential, investment seems pretty safe even on adventurous, with volatility at the moment I was expecting to lose much more but I was ok, I started experimenting on the adventurous plan for £25 a month and I am now considering putting more in. Integration with Monzo would be great. I think they integrate with starling! Percentage I’m up 5% but I really haven’t been going that long.

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A Seedrs exit? Did you make any money?

Yeah about 18% for a years hold need to offset the eis relief via tax return due to not holding 3 years

Would of loved to have held longer.

The money is now in a pot waiting for the next Monzo round.

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How are people getting on with Wealthify?

I tested Moneyfarm, Wealthify and Nutmeg, investing the same amount on the same day. Using an adventurous portfolio. 12 months later, Nutmeg won, in terms of monetary performance, fees, and bonus payments. So I closed the other accounts and transferred into Nutmeg and I’m up 7.5% overall to date.

Thanks Andy.

How did Wealthify do - I’m currently £40 down after a month (appreciate it’s a long term plan, not a short term).

Wealthify did return 3%, it just wasn’t as high as Nutmeg. Although Wealthify did beat Moneyfarm.

For a proper fairer test I should have seen the results after 5 years, rather than just 1 but I just wanted to see which invest company would perform better.

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:chart_with_upwards_trend: I’m up 5.64% for the last 3 months I invest a fixed amount on pay day then ad-hoc extra through the month

Previous quarter performance was not as good markets seemed to drop but the plan was re-balanced

Currently paying no fees on the plan then revert to seedrs investor fees

Currently down 0.47% after 3 months

I’m up 0.80% since Feb on tentative

I’ve never been up, currently around 1% down. Not that I’ve got a lot in there but it doesn’t seem to be going so well.

Mines just getting worse

I’m still about 0.89% up overall over the past few months since I started

My growth says it’s up, but my actual money is down.

Is this due to the wealthify fees?

Hmm good point, maybe? Might be worth w message to support to find out. I put £500 in to start and I’m on £504.45 now with the growth mentioned above.

I put 6K in, and it’s down 40 quid.

It was down 60 quid!

I’m up 16.4% this has increased from 12% posted in Feb (see above)

How do people invest lump sum and try to time the market or regular amount each month I’m a monthly regular. This should smooth out the highs and lows of the markets! Up £40 this last week but that’s irrelevant I’m investing for the long haul.