Anyone heard/used Ziglu before?

I finally caved in and invested in cryptocurrency! During the lockdown, I was following crypto because cash started to die as the government encouraged not use as it would “spread the virus”. A hedge fund invested in crypto as well and managed to increase the value. Luckily I purchased just before this.

I’m looking to renovate my house and wanted to use some of the profits I made from crypto so looking into platforms where I can sell and came across Ziglu. The founders are ex starling, wanted to find out if people have heard or used of these players before?

Any feedback would genuinely be appreciated!


How much have you got invested? (Probably private but if it’s over 500gbp you’ll need ID to sell )

Places like Coinbase will buy them instantly and deposit the money, they’re also many many other sites that give instant payment.


Thanks @BeckyRobinson have you used coinbase?

Sadly I have not, my friend uses it to gamble on Roobet (never gamble btw it’s like the devils game plus in my option roobet is rigged)

However it is rated pretty good

How did you buy the bitcoins you have? Maybe the same platform has a selling option

Ziglu is decently rated on the AppStore and looks pretty legit.
However as with any site capital is at risk with crypto


Where did the government advise this?

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I signed up to Ziglu as soon as it came out. Got £35 in signup and referral bonuses without actually converting anything.

1.25% fee is not good.

The coin pricing seems to be worse than eg Coinbase, though to be fair I haven’t tracked it carefully.

Bottom line though is that you’re probably better off going to

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@j06 in the very begging of lockdown was on the news and places followed suit.

@BeckyRobinson that platform is no longer live - think they went bust :man_shrugging:

I can’t find where the govt encouraged use of cards rather than cash but it was reported in the MSM.

I found this guidance under the government’s food business guidance.

A system to reduce the use of cash for food or to facilitate the exclusive use of debit cards and contactless payment should be considered.

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Who went bust?


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Looks like they got their EMI licence Sept 1

Ziglu has just been bought by Robinhood.

Also reported in ft, but paywalled