Invest multiple times?

I can’t wait for the investing to open. I was wondering whether you can invest multiple times. So tomorrow I decide to invest £500 then a few days later I want to invest more. Can you do this or do you only get one opportunity ?

Nope. One chance and you can’t change the amount after you have submitted it


Thanks, ah thats annoying. Was going to put in a bit then a bit more later on.

Also does Monzo take a cut of your investment eg like a few %

They take it all, that’s the whole point :grin:

There’s 4% allocated out of the £20 million for the costs but pay £7.71?? And you’ll get one share. No extra cost to you

Strongly recommend reading the prospectus


Monzo take nothing from you-only the cost of the shares.

Whatever admin fees Monzo pay behind the scenes do not affect you or your investment, all your money goes to shares.

And if you like the idea of buying shares with no fees then check out Freetrade :wink: (little plug there)


Have a read of the prospectus. You shouldn’t invest without reading it.


Yes I’ve read about the investing… I wonder what BREXIT will course.

Crowdcube get paid, which is perhaps what you were diving at before. But that just comes from Monzo’s general cash pool, not some proportion of your shares.

I saw Tom do an interview recently and he made a point, regarding Brexit, that because Monzo are a balance-sheet-light bank they’re not as exposed in a downturn as other banks who do a lot of lending. Plus, their expansion plans are towards the US first (no need for i18n, skirt the Brexit passporting thing, seems smart). But then it could all still go wrong - you never know!


Yeh I agree it’s less likely to go wrong due to the type of bank it is and its constantly increasing its users . But saying that I guess something could go wrong and it all comes crashing down … But I see this is very unlikely to happen.

How long is it till we can sell shares, if we decide to ?

Years; perhaps 5+. There’s a thread on the forum - basically a secondary market - where people trade directly with each other. But there’s no guarantee that there’s liquidity at any given time. Certainly not if things ever look negative.


Prospectus 203 pages long - last nights bedtime reading :grinning:

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Only one opportunity I’m afraid.

Just confirmed my investment and this is stated in the than-you message afterwards.

I think there’s a little prompt before you invest, just above the confirmation button. Someone was asking about it before but I breezed through everything in my hurry.