Wealthify circle

(Liam Oxborough) #1

Hello, anyone got a good circle going on wealthify, Maybe we could get quite a few people from Monzo to join and get a bigger discount on the fees.

(Jack) #2

I’m happy to join a circle also, not currently part of one

(Marcel Ruhf) #3

I’ve just created one now. Since we are two people already, we can all start with a 5% discount. As more people join, the discount increases, and we all get the same rate.

Join my Wealthify Circle so we can both enjoy discounted fees. Download the app from https://wealthify.com/app and use my code Q3HHQP.

(Liam Oxborough) #4

Joined :+1:

(Marcel Ruhf) #5

One more, and we’ll get 5% off! I’ve also posted this on the Starling forum.


What are the fees like?

(Marcel Ruhf) #7

0.7% p.a.
Reduced as more join a circle - then, it goes down to 0.56% on average (that’s when 50 people have joined, at which point everyone gets a 20% discount). Like with other robo-investors, the underlying funds also deduct a fee of around 0.18% p.a.

(Jake Tame) #8

Happy to join but I missed the invite code. Can you DM me your email so I can register the circle?

It might also be worth the original poster to amend there post with the link and code.

(Marcel Ruhf) #9

I have just been pointed towards an existing circle on the Starling forum, which already has 10 members - including myself now - which translates to a 10% discount. The code for it is Q3HHQP (you can leave a circle you previously joined/created). I’m updating my first post in this thread.


I’m tempted. I keep meaning to invest something somewhere.

I signed up to Zopa but never invested.

I know how to save but not invest :speak_no_evil:

(Jack) #11

Joined! It would be cool to have a Monzo sepcific one if there were enough people. But any discount is good!

(#savetheseabass) #12

Is wealthify the one without a minimum pay in limit?

Edit: yes it is. And it looks good on the home screen next to Monzo. I’m not sure that counts as solid investment advice but it’s good enough for me

(Marcel Ruhf) #13

Wealthify starts at £1.


Interesting to know what sort of profile people are using and how much you might be investing I’d you want to share that.

Can you change your risk appetite throughout?

(Jack) #16

Yes you can, you just have to drop support a message and they swap it over.
You can also take your money out at any time with no withdrawal fee etc. Although I think it takes a day or two to get back to you.
The app also allows multiple investments so you can have separate amounts at different risk levels if you wish.

Only got £500 in there at the moment at the tentative level. They were running an offer a while back where if you kept £100 in there for a few months they gave you £40 on top.

Set it up a few weeks ago to see what it was like. So far I’m 40p up! Although I was £1.50 down until a few days ago.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #17

Welcome to the investment roller-coaster :grin:

(Herp Derp) #18

What plans are you guys doing?

(Christopher) #19

@BethS I think Moneybox is a good, fairly low risk way to start too. freetrade.io should also be super interesting, although a fundamentally different proposition at launch, their product will go a long way to making active investing more mainstream.

(Richard Grey) #20

Joined :+1:

(Jack) #21

I’ve done tentative for now. May up it though