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I thought it might be a good idea to have a general purpose crypto thread on here, as I know we have more than a few people who might be interested in discussing things, and not everything might warrant an individual thread.

I’m a total noob on the subject, but I find the smart contracts of Ethereum to be pretty interesting, and while I don’t have any huge crypto investments, my small investments into ETH and LTC have earned me some beer money for a few months!

So, what do you have investments in, and what projects or altcoins are interesting?


Awesome idea for a thread!

I have a few ETH and LTC (Litecoin) but I have put a fair amount in XLM (Stellar Lumens) too. XLM is now my favourite crypto to follow. They are doing some great things and a few ICOs have chosen the crypto over ETH because of lower fees and faster transaction times. I feel it’s going to be the one to watch over the next few years.


I love reading up on all things crypto, it’s like free entertainment.

I’ve a few thousand XRP coins, some i bought early on < $0.50 some bought at near the highest $2.50 range. It’s definitely something i plan to hold onto for a year or 2 and see how it goes.

Bitcoin is so volatile, there’s def money to be made in the short term trading if you have the footballs to invest and risk it. A mate of mine buys a bitcoin daily around lunch time and sells either that night or early morning and makes >£500 plus each time. Sure he’s been caught out a few times as well. But in the grand scheme of things he’s up i believe.


You want to talk about Cryptography or Cryptocurrency? These are two different things, and Crypto is not cryptocurrency (he says, working really hard to not use the caps lock key)

Please …

To come back then to the original question (Seriously guys, that went off topic really quickly! We wanted to talk about crypto!): I think cryptography is great! It is after all what made online banking (and thus Monzo) possible in the first place!


I’ve edited the title because this bothers me as well. I’m a fan of both…


I have Reddcoin at the moment, its extremely cheap and as long as you use the wallet and keep it open you earn more reddcoin, no mining so its easy on your pc and you energy!

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Wow, I’ve never even heard of that before! Gonna look it up now :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah its a good little one. they ‘stake’ rather than having to mine :smirk:

Haha love this movement, however it’s super volatile, but I guess risk vs reward right. Always dangerous talking about what you hold in public, however I can say I have lost money a few times in this space. Recently having bought rail blocks on bitgrail , oh and of course everyone has a little cash tied up in Tezos - a very interesting situation (great talk by the founder in the :monzo: offices…) so be careful people!!

Some really really good resources:

Probably my favourite due to the interesting guests, unchained by Laura Shin

Got to mention blockchain insider, by FS11 … again so interesting and a good rounded view… they also have terrible british comedy sewn throughout

And if you’re up for some trading… coin mastery by carter Thomas

If I could recommend something to everyone, do tons of research, only invest what you can throw away and don’t loose your mind checking prices every five minutes…

There’s a huge possibility of upside and there’s already a huge amount of benefit cryptocurrency is delivering to the world in certain spaces… let’s hope it continues to deliver a positive change.

Projects I love


Here are some interesting thoughts:

“We are spending tens or maybe hundreds of megawatts on producing something that has no tangible existence and no real use for humans outside the realm of financial speculation,” Smári McCarthy, and Icelandic member of parliament told the AP. “That can’t be good.”


Occasionally featuring my wife as it happens. :heart_decoration:


I was considering Reddcoin a few weeks ago.

I have downloaded the wallet, might add some coins soon.

Do you think social media platforms will use it?

I like to think so, love how there has been a big spike in all crypto today with the news

As soon as I saw the title I thought of this :joy:

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One of my friends has blogged about how he’s claimed around £2k worth of BTC yesterday from some lego art :laughing:

He really should’ve posted that on Medium, it could get far more attention there.

I still don’t fully get what Medium really is :smiley:. A hosted blogging platform? Can you link out to your content elsewhere or is it all about getting your content directly onto that platform?

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Anybody started using “Abra” yet?
I’ve downloaded the app; it’s touted as a Coinbase killer (personally I think it’s more of a Binance killer) and a game changer for Litecoin.

Both XLM & ETH have had great weeks, but BCH has rocketed from its low:

P.S. LTC is irritating me now… it should be so much higher right now. Anyone still following crypto?

This is a genuine question from an ignoramus.

Why you believe this to be true?

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