Jubilee Plans

What’s everyone doing for the long jubilee weekend?

Other than rest and chill out, on Sunday I’m going to a family party. Nothing too strenuous for once :grinning:

Busy ole family weekend. Hope the weather picks up as may have a bbq.

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From the looks of it, so far windy, mainly dry and lots of cloud cover. Even if it’s raining, that’s perfect BBQ weather :sweat_smile:

It does look miserable :sweat_smile:

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DIY, shopping, Top Gun and BBQ. Sadly I seem to have planned the BBQ for a 70% chance of rain day

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Going abroad :sweat_smile: the further I am from all this insanity the happier I am


Me too. See you on the plane!


I don’t think we’ve got a BBQ on the plans, a buffet is on the cards, at least if it pours down it can be moved indoors pretty quickly.

Going anywhere nice?

Checks work calender

Looks like I won’t be doing anything other than looking at a computer screen. :rage:


I’ll think of you whilst I’m having a lie in :sweat_smile:

Work were offering overtime out, no amount of money would get me offering though

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No rest for the wicked :wink:

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Those hoping to fly out may have a similar view, based on all the noise about airports this week :person_shrugging:

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Malaga (or maybe a weekend at Stansted). We had no idea it was a public holiday, or Jubilee weekend, when we booked it, so it was just a lucky coincidence.


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No mention of Stansted or Malaga :smile:


Sweden for me, if I can get away from Gatwick. It’s bad but not as bad as other airports so I’m hoping


I will be off to Brussels this month. No planes though. First time on Eurostar :train2:


Playing video games. They bring me a lot of joy through escapism and I’ve had barely any time for them over the past few months. Now 10 do nothing days means I have time.

Also debating whether or not it’s worth a few hundred to catch an early showing of Jurassic World dominion at the cinema as opposed to waiting for iTunes.


Since when have cinema tickets become so expensive? :scream:

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Working until Monday morning :cry:

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