Hit the road, Jack

Anyone going away for Easter? It’s the first major holiday period since the pandemic began when there are next to no restrictions on travel, so it’s quite probably going to be absolutely horrendous. One of the petrol stations in town has run out of petrol already, and the other has massive queues. I think I’ll be staying home today, for one. How’s everyone else getting on?

Shame I do have to travel on Sunday, though. :grimacing:

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No plans but I’ve just been into town to do some shopping and nipped to the supermarket and it was fairly quiet.

From what I’m seeing on socials Sunday and Monday are the days everyone has things planned

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That does not bode well for me :sob:

I’ll be hitting the tracks and going by train.

Been struggling for fuel for the last 2 weeks round here. It’s like literal gold dust especially diesel.

Local police are busy with a protest at the oil terminal 10 miles away hopefully they clear it before we start using petrol as currency.

I will be here in Monzo HQ :sunglasses:

Don’t normally celebrate anything other than the xmas period (at a push)


All the fuel stations inside the town have yellow covers around here.

There’s one village one with petrol at £1.70 something.

As a smug EVer getting 4.8 miles per kWh this sunny morning i can make raspberry noises.

I was expecting a bit of traffic but the roads were pretty empty from what I found.

I’m guessing Sunday/Monday will be more hectic.

Not driving anywhere today, but living in a tourist location, it’s rammo here!

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You and me both :sunglasses:

I am, however, off today, so going to grab a Starbucks and walk on the beach - it’s 5 mins from our house :massage_man:t3:


we went out the m74 was full of the usual arseholes who think that the needle in the car needs to be as far to the right as possible ended up at gretna ‘discount’ village for a coffee and a nice non motorway amble back up the road , will go out tomorrow probably edinburgh / dundee way and then monday leaving sunday for resting and chocolate munching lol


Tickets for the afternoon session at the Crucible Theatre for the snooker tomorrow. (And a semi-final session in a couple of weeks). Tickets bought in 2019 for the 2020 championship!


I’m up near Windermere for a wedding.

No trouble getting fuel and the M6 traffic wasn’t even that bad. Bonus.