Christmas/New Year 2023

So as 2023 comes to an end… how is everyone celebrating/spending Christmas and New Year this year?

Sadly I am working Christmas Day but I’ve bagged New Year’s Day off so hoping to have some friends over to watch the fireworks across various parts of London from my balcony. And plenty of wine and prosecco of course.

Any positives from 2023? Anything we’re looking forward to in 2024?


The “usual” for me which is friends and family for Christmas Day. NYE I’ll play as it comes.

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I’m hoping to have a fairly “normal” Christmas but on Christmas Eve. Very European of me :sweat_smile:


Equally jealous and impressed that you can watch the fireworks from your balcony!

I’ll be spending the next week going from house to house and eating a lot. Roll on a day of peace and quiet at home!

NYE I have no idea yet, nothing too hectic though.

To be clear it’s more of a distant view of lots of areas of London. Plus some of the green spaces near us do fireworks.

You get all the city fireworks that way and anything in east London.

On the left we get anything near the O2 (including any drones they do).

Then there are some fireworks on the City Island across from us.

The right has all of Stratford and East/West Ham as well so you get a good breadth of views.


I’ll have family around both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so fairly busy; then back to work. I plan to rest NYE/NYD instead.

Really enjoyed my first USA trip earlier this year, can’t believe it’s almost been a year. Still grateful to @simonb for the tip re Melrose Trading Post which had some great finds. Maybe looking to return next year, debating LA or San Fran.


That looks like an expensive balcony :eyes:

That’s a cracking view!


I love the US (to visit) and try to go every year. Usually New York (I have friends there) but this year we did Washington DC and had a great time. Just booked my first First Class plane tickets to NYC for 2024!

I’m hosting Christmas for my family this year in my new house, so that’ll be fun.

Then new year I’ll probably just chill.

I’m off from today to the 2nd! :grinning:

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First of all, it’s just renting.

Second of all, we happened to get a good discount due to Covid (the apartment was empty for months) and we locked in 3% annual increases for 3 years just before the RH Truss became our PM.

For the area it’s cheap - in reality it’s a good £1,650 a month for one bedroom… so I use the balcony come rain or shine.


It really is special! I liked the true escapism it provides that Europe doesn’t really. Though it’s fairly pricey so not sure I’ll be able to make it a yearly trip.

NYC was on my list originally but after visiting Cali I am a bit worried that NYC would feel too boxed in and busy with no room to stop and breathe. Are my fears unreasonable? I like a city break but big busy cities like London are death.

DC is intriguing though… how long should one look to spend there?

Lastly, first class? :eyes: How many Avios is that!

Sounds like a great deal, enjoy it, it’s a fantastic view!

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I won’t lie - NYC can be intense. It’s very busy. It’s about the same population as London but in half the space, so there is always something going on. I love it, but the first time I went it was very busy and I was a little overwhelmed.

We were there for… 4 days I think? It’s one of the more walkable cities in the US, and basically houses all of their history and politics. Has some rough areas being both full of rich privileged folk and very poor unprivileged folk but again I have friends out there (I lived in the US for a year as a student) so it’s helpful to have that.

Shockingly less than business class! It’s just way more in taxes. 68k Avios (with a voucher that’s for two) with £549 fee vs business which is 80k Avios with £175 fee.

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Sounds like it really isn’t for me then. Sad, as I would love to visit a bunch of things in NYC. Maybe during a quieter time of year, but I don’t think it’s ever that.

Sounds great to be honest, I know there are a lot of museums. We walked so much in LA so walkable is good. Might be one I move up the list!

You need to teach me the way of the Avios. I have very low six figures but every time I go to look how to spend it things seem 2-3x more than that!


Always so envious of anyone off for such a long time!

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I am also in the working on Xmas day crew. New years, haven’t found anyone doing anything - lack of active friends doesn’t help - so I’ll probably be spending it alone. It’s been a rough year so I won’t be sad to see it go.

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Of course all are welcome at mine :pray:t2:

(Though I think half of you live lifetimes away from London :rofl:)

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From the photos I think I am pretty sure you are two DLR stops away :joy:

I’m not doing much of anything Christmas Day

As it is traditional, I’m going to go watch 1957 Christmas Carol with my dad on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day we’ll just have a bit of food. New Year’s Eve for the last couple of years I’ve been round to house of mine however I’ve fallen out with them mate so I won’t be going down there this year

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Honestly, I hate it.

But it’s our company policy, so I do it.

Couple of times I’ve worked it - and probably will do some stuff now that my company are mostly away I can do some maintenance etc without disturbing people or being disturbed.

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