Joint account - wife failing ‘Confirmation of Payee’ checks

My wife & I have had a Monzo joint account for a while now. I opened it so I’m assuming I’m the ‘primary’ account holder if there is such a thing.

When sending money to this account and using my wife’s name, it fails the CoP check saying that it can’t be matched. When I use my name it’s all fine.

It also fails when my wife gives this account details to senders that will only send to accounts that they can verify as belonging to you. They say that they can’t match the details to her name and ask her to provide a different account, for which we opened a separate Nationwide account.

Is this a known issue for joint accounts or is it likely to be something that’s only impacting our account?


CoP works for both of us on our joint account. There’s no primary account holder either. If the name you’re using matches the names on the account exactly, speak to support.

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Cheers, much appreciated! Definitely using the correct name, and it’s straightforward - one word firstname and one-word lastname, no middle name, double-barrel, etc.

I’ll ask her to raise a support ticket.

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This may be a silly question, but are you sure you have a proper joint account rather than an account in your name that you’ve given your wife the details of?

There should be three Monzo accounts in total:

  1. Your personal account
  2. Your wife’s personal account
  3. Your joint account
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Fair question but it’s definitely a joint account :slight_smile:

As you pointed out, we do have 3 Monzo accounts in all - 2 solos and 1 joint. We don’t use the solo ones at all.

Circling back - fixed this now.

Turns out Monzo was using the preferred name instead of the legal name, support helped change it to the legal name so no problems now!