Account Payee match on Joint Accounts

When transferring to my Starling joint account, the payee details check always warns the account names don’t match. I’ve tried changing the account details in Monzo payee to all types of combinations of names of the 2 joint account detail and all still fail.

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You can override it can’t you? I think it’s just to warn you and you have to accept the risk if you ignore that warning.

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Yep as above. You can still proceed, they just want you to understand the risk first :slight_smile:

It would be good though if monzo could get smart enough to realise if ive sent to this payee multiple times before then i dont care that i have the name minus their middle name listed :man_shrugging:

Really backward that it doesnt pick up on these things

Unfortunately CoP doesn’t allow us to do that - we have to perform the check each and every time. If it’s successful then we can reuse a previous check, but if it’s only a partial or no match we have to try each time.

Unfortunately the majority of the matching is done on the side of the other bank.

We send the name you’ve put in to the other bank and they either tell us that it’s a match, a partial match or no match.

If it’s a partial match then they usually provide us with the actual name of the account and then we show you that in the app.

Sadly we have no further control beyond that.


Has the deadline for this passed? As my legacy bank (Danske) does not require me to do this.

I checked just now and Monzo makes me go through 3 more screens before i can enter the amount to be sent to my other account which is a saved payee.

I have yet to see the result of the check returned to me in the app… if it was I would update it for next time (unless I missed something)

it warns each time and I have to accept each time.

That’s because it doesn’t match. If you manage to work out the nuance that’s stopping it matching, you won’t see the warning.

This is all decided by the other bank.

If it believes what you’ve entered is a partial match then they’ll send us the actual name on the account and we’ll display it to you. If they deem it to be no match then they don’t send us a name, just that it doesn’t match.

I’m not sure what you mean by the deadline?

As in im not sure if my legacy bank (Danske) is a member or not.
I believe they are… yet they dont seem to raise warnings when there are small inconsistencies with say a middle name being present or not like monzo do

the joint bank account is with Starling, I would have through the account check with other fintech would be a lot smarter.

I thought it was optional?