Sole trader account, confirmation of payee


I am self employed, have current hsbc business account, it is not a Limited account, when customers pay me they can use my trading name or my name and confirmation of payee works on either. The only downside is if I send transfer to a customer it shows on their bank as my personel name. My must have at least is confirmation of payee allowing to match as my trading name as it does now with hsbc.

I have mixed responses, even Monzo support say legally It has to be my name followed by trade name, but if this is a legal thing then HSBC, Mettle are breakimg the law as they allow it, and Mettle allow COP both ways to be trade name.

Can anyone confirm that business sole trader accounts match COP as trading name?


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Im not sure how HSBC open/operate their business accounts but in my previous experience as a business accounting opening rep (Previous employment), when opening a sole trader account it would be opened in either the persons name or their trading name, if provided or available.

Did you provide a trading name at the time of your account opening or have since advised HSBC that you have one?

I think they’re asking how Monzo work. In that case if you have a business account I think you can use the trading name for COP.

Will need confirming though by someone who has an account

Indeed I am asking about Monzo.
If I have a sole trader account with Monzo I am desperate to know if my trading name will…

  1. Match on confirmation of payee
  2. Show on customers bank as my trade name if I pay someone, eg refund.

My hsbc bank does allow trading name for when I am paid on confirmation of payee but not if I pay someone. I am going to bring this up with hsbc as it should.

Mettle do both!


I’m 99pc certain it does