Names on Joint Accounts

Hi All,

Just moved over to Monzo and started using our Joint account for main banking.

I would the ability to change the account name that shows up on BACS transfers to other accounts as both names do not fit in the field (it appears as “Firstname Surname &” and completely misses off my better half.

I chatted with a support person who told me this feature isn’t added yet, I’m sure you will get other joint account holders asking for this!

Keep up the great work :smile:


I first thought you were talking about the name on the physical card (which Monzo already allow you to change by requesting via customer support)

But that would be a great idea! I’m not sure how it would work (security wise) with avoiding fraud - you obviously don’t want to allow people to change their name to anything they can think of - but a selection of name combos seems like a sensible suggestion :slight_smile:

How would you have you and your partners name written on a bacs or faster payment transaction then?

I understand where you’re coming from with it not fitting but how do other banks deal with this? What is the alternative? Would you just say Mr and Mrs Smith, what happens if you have a joint account with someone you’re not married to?

I personally don’t see a way around it really

Personally, I’d shorten it down to initials and surname. Probably easier with all the different combinations.

So initial 1 & initial 2 Surname for married folk and initialfirstname surname & initialfirstname surname for others?