Joint account pot history showing unrelated transactions

I have a joint account with a savings pot provided by Investec. When I view my pot history, it shows card transactions which did not affect the pot’s balance. As far as I can tell, it excludes scheduled payments, direct debits and transfers to other pots. All card activity and transfers to/from this pot appear.

This does not seem to affect normal pots only my savings pot.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 7.0 (patch 1 March 2017)
Device: Huawei VNS-L31
App Version: 3.31.0


Pots don’t have card transactions or direct debits

This is all showing up when you press the history button under the pot?

I open the app swipe left until I see my savings pot, swipe down to reveal the buttons. Click History.
Looking at that now, I can see:

Friday 8th May
Online Card transaction
Thursday 7th May
In-store card transaction
Wednesday 6th May
Online Card transaction
Tuesday 5th May
Online Card transaction
Transfer into pot

Note that all of the card transaction displayed are valid card transactions from the joint account this pot is linked to.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of anyway of providing a useful screenshot that doesn’t reveal a huge amount of personal information.

I have had a look on mine and can’t recreate - I would raise it with Monzo chat where it is safer to share a screenshot

Do you have a savings pot or a normal pot? My normal pots work fine it is only the savings pot which has an issue

Thanks, I’ll contact in app

Try deleting and reinstalling the app. Sounds like it’s having a moment

Mine is a savings pot - with Paragon rather than Investec but that shouldn’t make a difference

Reinstall didn’t work - have sent a message in-app


Don’t forget to update us on the resolution please :pray:

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So I’ve heard back from Monzo - All the transactions I’m seeing had Round-Ups depositing in the pot so the transactions should be there. However, the amount shown is the amount spent rather than the round-up which is a bug they are working on.

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