Joint Account Migration Strategy

(stuart brown) #21

In joint account view it was in summary, then hit ‘add your bills’ and there is the switch option

(Kelvin Papp) #22

Have you had any feedback from HSBC yet? I wasn’t able to use CASS for a migration from First Direct due to their requirement for both party card numbers when initiating (which Monzo doesn’t support). I expected HSBC to be the same given that First Direct is a division of theirs…



Metrobank rejected my joint switch

(Kelvin Papp) #24

Did you get any feedback in the Monzo app re. card details provided? I wonder if it was the same reason as mine (card details not provided).

If it’s any consolation, my manual switch wasn’t too painful - the vast majority of DD’s I updated online, a handful I had to sit on hold with various places to update, but in the main fairly straightforward.

(stuart brown) #25

I got a letter (or mesg in my account) yesterday saying

Important information about your account switch
We’re really sorry to hear you’re moving your account to MONZO BANK LIMITED who’ll be taking care of
the switch for you. We’ll do everything we can to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible at our end but
if you’ve had a problem or there’s something we could fix so you don’t need to switch, please let us know.
Just to let you know, once we’ve closed your account, any benefits you had on it including any insurances
will also stop.

so I’m assuming it’s all going ok

(Kelvin Papp) #26

That’s good news! My rejection was in-app, and within 24 hours - not even a sniff of a letter.

Odd that HSBC permit it, but First Direct don’t - irrespective, looks like yours will be progressing OK :slight_smile:


I’ve just initiated a joint-to-joint switch from Lloyds to Monzo … Anybody managed this yet? App says waiting to hear from old bank.


When did you put it through?


Late Wednesday…


That’s fine. You may get something today but if not it’ll be Tuesday with the bank holiday


Nice. #fullmonzo

Nice to be switching … Finally!

(stuart brown) #32

All my Direct Debits just started coming through :). Hopefully my account balance will follow soon :scream:

(Samuel Crosland) #33

Just about to try this out too from Halifax Joint account to a Monzo Joint account. Will let you know how it goes! #FullMonzo


Does seem like CASS works in most cases for joint accounts, wonder what the hold up is.

(stuart brown) #35

Everything just completed on my joint account switch from HSBC to monzo. Happened on the day they said no issues!


Good to hear! Wish they’d just roll it out officially at this point, I’ve opened an account and waiting to switch but I’d rather not risk my mortgage!

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #37

Exactly this, ready to go fullmonzo but can’t really do it until CASS is a go for joint accounts. Interest in pots in joint accounts will also be great to put the best egg in to.


FWIW I did a joint to joint from Lloyds to Monzo and it was entirely painless and worked without issue.


Is that how you go single to joint within Monzo?

(stuart brown) #40

No. In the app in the Accounts tab there is a toggle (second option from the top) to toggle between personal and joint account.