Joint Account Migration Strategy


I meant to move your DDs and salary, not just to change the view. Is that what you meant?

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Hi - see this comment above Joint Account Migration Strategy


Yes - that’s the one I was replying to! So is that the way you migrate DDs?

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(Samuel Crosland) #45

So, this morning got the confirmation that we’d successfully moved from our Halifax joint account to be #FullMonzo


I can’t see how to do joint to joint switch. In the app when I click through on Switch to Monzo, it says:
Two important exceptions:

  1. We can’t switch from joint accounts or savings accounts

Do you ignore this and do the switch anyway?

(MikeF) #47

It’s not supported at the moment. Try it anyway and it may or may not work depending on the rigour of the bank you’re switching from.


I cant see the Add my Bills button. Did you say it was on Summary?

(Simon) #49

Hi - Any update on full support? We’ve been using the joint account for 6 weeks now and ready to close our first direct one, just as soon as CASS for joint accounts is available…


This now they hope to have it in before end of the year. Have you tried it to see if it works for you? Many of us have had success using the current switch process

(Simon) #52

Yeah I tried a couple of weeks back and it failed. Apparently first direct require both card details but the Monzo UI doesn’t ask for this.

(Pete H) #53

OK, I’m just in the process of giving the JA switch a go with Santander. Will let you know how it goes #fullmonzo

(Steve Chandler) #55

@pedroelgordo Did you manage to switch successfully?

(Pete H) #56

So far so good. Received a push notification on 9/10 to say that switch from Santander will be completed on 16/10. Will keep you posted. Excited!


Wonder why mine didn’t work :man_shrugging:


Monzo send all the details they have to the old bank asking them to approve the switch if there’s a certain number wrong or missing the old bank can’t validate the ID and will reject the transfer


Yeah I’m just wondering why some Santander switches work and some fail, you’d think for a certain bank they’d all be the same


Names, addresses, dobs etc all exact? I’m not sure how many things can be wrong/missing for Santander to reject


I wonder if that’s the reason it didn’t work, yeah, worth checking I suppose!

(nikeshashar) #62

It seems the joint account switch feature has vanished my iOS menu.

Anyone else see it?