Leaving Monzo - how to move a joint account

Hi, my wife and I have had a Monzo joint account for 3+ years. We also have 2 sole accounts as well. After customer service issues at Monzo, my wife wants to switch the joint account to First Direct. Monzo keep blocking the CASS (switching service) request but won’t explain why. We have closed our savings pots, put them into the main account. What more do we need to do please? We will move the sole accounts too if we have to. Any guidance please?
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Are you switching Joint Account to Joint Account? Have both of you authorised the switch by providing card numbers?

I don’t think this would be the case so like @ndrw said, make sure you are both authorising the switch and it’s a joint to joint switch.

Something to consider:

Personally, I would open a Joint account with First Direct then once that is running, manually switch from Monzo to First Direct. It may sound a bit of a faff, but it does leave the Monzo accounts open (just unused) so that in the future, should you wish to use Monzo again, reverting back is easier.

If you successfully CASS away from Monzo to First Direct, the Monzo account you are CASS’ing from is closed. Meaning you won’t have the Monzo accounts. And most reports show opening a new Monzo account once you’ve closed one in the past isn’t guaranteed - or straightforward.


Surely moving just the joint account won’t result in Monzo closing their personal accounts too?

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That’s what I assumed, I could be wrong but closing your joint account normally doesn’t close your personal account, as far as I am aware.

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