Joint account- Internet connection

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I am trying to open a joint account but keep on receiving an error message concerning my Internet connection. However it works properly (House WiFi and 5G). Is there an additional section i couldn’t find that would explain how to fix this?

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Sounds odd. I assume the rest of the app is working correctly? And you if you go Google you can search for things etc?

Yes, everything else works properly.
I checked Google - couldn’t find anything. I uninstalled and installed the app again. So far, it doesn’t work.

Removing and reinstalling the app was going to be my next suggestion. Unfortunately I think you’re now at the extent as to which we can help on here because to my knowledge nobody else has reported this issue.

Drop Monzo a message in app and I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it. If you remember, it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop a quick message on here when you find the solution so that we can help others who end up in the same situation :slight_smile:

Edit: One last thing… you don’t have a VPN or any content type blocking apps on your phone do you?

Thank you for your replies. I will update once they get back to me

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I recall there being a (DNS?) Issue regarding loading the terms and conditions once , so maybe it’s the same issue again.

Are both your WiFi and mobile data from the same company, such as Vodafone? if yes I’d try somewhere else or try with a VPN to see if it will load.