Job interview results

Hi, I interviewed with the Cardiff office about 2 weeks ago and was told I would here back in a week at the latest but that never happened.

I sent an email off to the ops-hiring to see if there was any updates, etc and never had a response back.

Anyone know if there’s simple a delay in the hiring process or should I be worried I haven’t heard anything?


I’d check spam and junk folders maybe,

Otherwise I’ve tagged @simonb and he’ll hopefully be able to help.

There’s been quite a few threads started regarding hiring maybe the process needs reviewing.

Hello! Feel free to DM me with details and the name of the recruiter you’ve been talking to and i’ll follow up :grinning:

Hello , Has anyone heard anything ?

The reply above states that the conversation was moved to DM.

Have you done the same?

I have but received no response

When did you send it?

I know Simon isn’t around here all the time but he always replies, even if it is a few days later :slight_smile:

Hiya, I haven’t heard anything yet. FingersX good news all round :slightly_smiling_face: