Job application auto response not received

Hi all,

I applied for a job online with Monzo on their website about 30 minutes ago. It said that an auto response would be sent to me via email but I’m yet to receive that.

Does anyone know how long this takes? And if I don’t receive, who I should contact?

Like Regan

Maybe wrong email address?

We won’t know, we are customers like you

Check your spam, also if you have an iCloud account check your spam/trash on a desktop browser not just in app.

I think they use a third party platform for recruitment (greenhouse iirc? ) , so the emails might not come from usual addresses.

I hope you spell checked your application better than your post!!


Ouch - :flushed:

Perhaps the new proof reader?

No sorry.

We’ve seen a few comments like this on here and the response is usually the same. You just need to be patient and wait for the person who is processing these particular applications to get in touch.

I’d give it a reasonable amount of time and if you haven’t heard back assume that you were not successful and continue with your job search. Then it might be a nice surprise if they do get in touch at a later date.