Hi from Essex 🙂

Hello and good morning to everyone here on the Mondo forums! My names Jack, and I thought I’d make an introduction post upon making my forum account last night.

Being 100% honest, I randomly “stumbled” upon Mondo via Twitter back in January, and after some research fell in love with the idea, and the design of the bank and it’s UI etc. (UI design and things looking nice is a huge thing to me, the big banking apps right now look ugly and non user friendly. Barclays is probably the only decent looking one at the moment.)

I got my card mid April after being one of the lucky crowdfunding investors, and browsed the forums from time to time without an account, but then decided I wanted to get involved!

Glad to be here :slight_smile:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks Tom! It’s a great thing you’re doing here, excited for the future of :mondo:

Hello from East London / Essex!


Hi from East London!! waves

@terryharman @moneypenny hello East Londoners! :wave:

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Welcome to the forums.

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Hey Jack. Thanks for sharing :v:t4:

Another Essex lad here. Got my card last month and looking forward to all the great features (when they appear on Android). Keep up the great work Monzo!

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