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I’m trialling BIP at the moment. Even though I despise New Day. I really like BIP and Tymit. Do I think I’m ok for credit cards I just like card designs and I’ve only ever seen pictures of it

Could you rephrase that?

Not quite sure if you’re asking a question or just making a statement.

It was a typo, I meant to say I’m okay for credit cards I don’t want to apply for any more. Can you upload a picture of the card design if you don’t mind to the card design thread :pray::crazy_face:

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I had this - if you view that page in landscape mode it works.

Disappointing this was missed in their UX testing but shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

The Jaja app has removed all the good features of the pioneer app such as Instant notifications and a virtual card with changing CVV details.

The app also doesn’t show any pending transactions untill they are settled. So I don’t know what I have spent my money on till days later.


So it seems they’ve changed their platform over to the one that presumably came with the portfolio they acquired?

So Jaja has actually become less fintech? Wow.


They’d lost my trust anyway. But to repeat @j06: wow.

Is this the TestFlight app or the App Store version for Post Office customers?

The new app which PO users were migrated to, the jaja 2.0 experience.

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Well, I got my new card today. On the plus side:

  • The attached letter came with a tear-off section (which contained my personal details/delivery address) - makes it easier to shred just PPI stuff. High plus points there (especially since I spent an hour last night just ripping the PPI off a bag full of “to be shredded” papers).
  • The contactless ability on the card is disabled by default so you need to do a chip’n’pin transaction first: no sniffing the card details en route with an NFC reader.

On the negative side:

  • Needs an entirely new app installing - I have no recollection of this being mentioned anywhere - and it would have been nice to be notified with the letter with the card. I’ve now got two practically identical looking Jaja icons on my phone.
  • App asks if I’m already a Post Office customer - which is a bit odd.
  • Setup flow of the app is a “chat bot” style which is just annoying.
  • On the activate card screen, explains what the card verification number is and where to find it (“The card security number is the last 3 digits on the back of your card.” - the fact the entire card number and expiration date is on the back as well could lead to confusion). The entry box then reads “Expiry date”: which wasn’t mentioned in the text… You have to scroll down (on Android) to see the CVV enter box.
  • Setting up a direct debit starts up a “chatbot style” conversation with the messages and then continues and takes you to a standard DD form (why the fake conversation complete with delay for each message?).
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