Who has the best credit card app?

So my credit card that I’ve had for well over a decade is going to be replaced and will go from being provided by Visa, to Mastercard. The fact it was Visa was the main factor I kept it for so long (as it was a different provider from Monzo’s debit card.

I rarely use a credit card, it’s mostly just a back up and for the like of hiring a car when on holiday. So the intrest rates and rewards aren’t really a factor for me. On the rare ocasion I do use it I’ll pay it off ASAP.

What is a factor is usability and the quality of the app. So with that said, who in your mind offers up the best app with their credit card?



If you’re after a Visa card, I would wait a month or so and apply for Jaja.

They have a decent app and start their onboarding of Bank of Ireland/Post Office/AA customers next month - after which anyone should be able to apply

For me it would be Amex. Most credit cards are linked to a bank with an existing terrible app

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I doesn’t have to be Visa but that would be a bonus. I don’t know anything about Jaja but will look them up.

I wouldn’t use Amex overseas as they are quite expensive for such transactions due to the way they operate

Yep that’s my experience to date, currently using an ulster bank credit card and looking forward to something a bit fresher

I’d have to say AMEX too.

MBNA’s is reasonable, until they ask you to download an entirely new app every few months :roll_eyes:

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There’s a Jaja thread on the forum, but not much real world reviews as alot of people are stuck on a waitlist.

I would say Barclaycard or MBNA , not fintech at all , but established companies which means great as a back up card in my opinion.


I am. Lucky enough to have a jaja credit card and it by far outshines my other cc’s for ease of use etc, the limit is only £500 but this is actually just perfect for using as my rolling month to month Amaxon use. :slight_smile:


Amex all the way. Notifications for spending, clean interface, freeze and unfreeze your card. You can chat to customer service in app plus their responses are super quick.

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As a standalone, what’s required from a credit card app?

If you rarely use it, does the app really matter that much?

I have a Virgin card. The app isn’t great, not terrible. But I barely ever touch it so I don’t really care that much.

I have a JAJA card and it’s the best app I have used for credit cards (I use/have used Amex, MBNA, IHG (Creation), Nationwide, HSBC, NatWest and Barclaycard). Repayments are instant and when you use your card your balance immediately goes up, you can search transactions, view card details in app, view statements and update your details in app. I would say though that I prefer the look of amex however for day to day use and functionality definitely JAJA. Barclaycard is also good but has just become a carbon copy of the Barclays app.


I hold seven credit cards.

Best app, for me, is Amex.

Basically I want something that is super simple and crystal clear. I want to know exactly what I owe, when it’s due and for it to be as frictionless as possible to pay off.
I may not use it often but I don’t want to think it’s a hassle to use.

Because it’s used so infrequently the user experience is more important to me than the deal I’d get with the actual card, if that makes sense.

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Another vote for Amex from me.

The other VISA rival to Jaja

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Amex is good, apart from their website & app which seems to be a ‘strangler’ project where they’ve half-wrapped their old legacy site in a new interface. Any clicking out of the standard journey and you’ll end up seeing a site that looks like it’s straight out of 2003 with font sizes & gradients to go with it. Their app is not bad and the instant notifications are great. Balance & payments take a while to update just like a legacy bank.

Tymit is great too. Probably the most Monzo-y card app out there at the moment. I love using it even if the APR is slightly higher (but still reasonable) than my Amex just because the payments feel well managed in easy to understand plans and the 3-month no interest is great. It’s quite a slow app for a fintech though, they’re supposedly working on it but it’s taking a while. Also to pay it off you need to do a bank transfer rather than a direct debit which is a bit of a pain.


It does - thankyou.

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yeah what is with that? Every time I want to view more transactions I get transported to the early 2000s :joy:. Why didn’t they finish the job…