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That’s all the info I needed

Deletes email

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Got mine a fortnight ago, ditched it. Got enough cards these days, plus I’ll prob be buying a car very soon so didn’t want a search showing up on my credit file when it’s not really needed. I’m sure it wouldn’t affect the car finance but no point risking it.

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If you’ve applied and received the card, any ‘damage’ to your credit rating will have already have been done.

Personally, I think it’s worth getting a Jaja card, especially as one from Starling, Monzo etc remain distant prospects and the app will improve over time

The initial beta showed promise, but I understood that all the fintech stuff got stripped from the final version, so no notifications, pending payments etc?


I understand those features are due to make a reappearance…

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Still waiting for the old pioneer card to be closed and updated on my credit file.

Same here

Got an invite to v2.0 in the last couple of days, but I’m looking at the website, and while an 18.9% Apr is reasonably good, I honestly cannot see anything on their site that makes it stand out from my MBNA card. So I’m not rushing to sign up, especially given some of the comments on here.

Sounds like they ditched the fintech part of their company to accommodate the onboarding of the BOI and AA customers.


Just had an email from JaJa

We will be closing your Jaja Pioneer Credit Card account on or shortly after 22 September 2021

Their twitter team told me it was already closed, as I questioned why Credit Karma is still showing it as open.


JaJa will have no use to me to re-apply for their Credit Card once they close mine now that Monzo Flex is here attached to a Virtual Card soon. Glad I didn’t invest more than pocket change in them

Still showing in my Credit Karma transunion report as actively open. Has yours dropped off yet as closed?

Still there, though they did cancel my direct debit 4 days ago.

Cool. Just read email again, will give it another month to filter through before inquiring then:

Joined jaja and my god it is terrible. Will definitely be looking at closing it soon

Are there any good fintech credit card alternatives?

Depends what you’re looking for to be fair. Tymit have the instant notifications, pay in 3 interest free payment or split transactions over a greater period. The app can be a bit hit and miss at times, but they’re promising a new one will be released soon.


The only 1 that seemed any good was Tandem… now shut as a credit card

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