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My card is due to arrive this week :tada:

My personal income < £40,000 as a graduate trainee and didn’t meet criteria at first attempt because I just lazily answered household income as equal to my personal income. Upon 2nd attempt moments after, putting true household income > £40k when including next of kin got me past their internal criteria and on-towards the credit check process.

Overall, the sign up process and flow was very slick.

Curious to know if any users have managed to link their JaJa card to their Curve Wallet? And more specifically, having done so, successfully used it with Curve Apple Pay?


Yes, it works fine.

I’ve used Jaja via Curve via Google Pay online - my phone doesn’t have NFC but am sure it would otherwise work in person, as will Apple Pay


Unfortunately for me, my household income genuinely is the same as my personal income. I’ve been out of uni just about long enough to not be living with anyone else now :grinning: But I had speculated to myself that perhaps household income was actually the value that needed to be over 40k.

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Same, my speculations led me to believe they have it because they have “credit sharing” as a feature on their roadmap so I guess if you plan to extend some credit to a family member, household income could be an indicator for Jaja as to whether they’d be good for it.

Although, they defo need to lower or get rid of the internal personal limits once they come out of beta imho

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I’ve now dropped down the list since last time I checked
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s happened to me twice - that I know of - but then I seemed to have gone forwards quicker. All very mysterious. It’s like one person alone is processing the applicants!

How does one check list position? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s the same form as joining.

Thank you

I’ve had the Jaja card for a bit now and can’t say it’s worth the bother or the wait.

It’s just a bog standard credit card - you can’t link it to aggregators, and there are no perks and no standout original features.

It’s a nice slick app, but that’s about it as far as I can see.


two weeks later and I’m now 9101 :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

My testflight app expires in 4 days time. Hopefully there’ll be an update soon.


To anyone using Jaja cards, keep in mind there’s an undocumented limit of 12 online (card not present) transactions in a 7 day period, after which your card will start declining with no info in the app or anything. I recently hit this limit as I was using Curve to spend on my Jaja card (as Curve provides Apple Pay) and was confused why it was declining. Support let me know of this limit and unfortunately they are unable to do anything about it at present (that response feels very legacy to be honest and not something I’d expect from a modern financial institution).


That sounds ridiculous. I’m not in any way affected but if you use your card online 12 times in a row and don’t make a card-present card transaction your card will decline?

I’m kind of glad I didn’t get on board with this. I can’t remember the last time I used my physical card to make a purchase.

My understanding is that it’s independent of card-present transactions, so even doing one still wouldn’t reset the limit on online (card-not-present) transactions.

Given the app is completely oblivious to what’s happening I’m suspecting it might be a limit imposed by their upstream card processor, so the processor declines it on their side and the Jaja infrastructure isn’t even aware of it.

Have you got a personalised credit limit yet?

New version just popped up in TestFlight.

What’s a personalised credit limit? I have the same credit limit I was assigned during signup which is actually much higher than I expected considering my credit report is almost blank.

People who signed up end of last year have received credit limits around £2k based on credit reports. I’m still stuck on the £500 credit limit from march last year.

I was given 2.5k, low compared to what other providers have given me but higher than Tandem (1.5k).