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Not exactly looking after early adopters!
What happened to the £10 Amazon gift card as well? Haha


Literally had the same issue yesterday when my delivery and TfL transaction via Curve ApplePay was declined:

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This raises the question of what does Curve do when the initial TfL auth succeeds, but further transactions on the backing card are declined, so that when the final settlement from TfL arrives (24 hours later) the backing card declines. Does it try all your cards automatically (hoping for one to work) or does it just eat the cost?

In my case, TfL notified me via email that my Curve ApplePay card was blocked from further travel until I’d checked with the card issuer and resubmitted the payment.

So I contacted Curve who said the following:

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing declines.

What happened on these occasions was, when we tried to process the transactions to your payment card ending in xxxx , your bank sent us ‘Do Not Honour’ messages. This usually means that your bank is blocking transactions through Curve, although it can also mean that you don’t have funds available.

So you can make transactions successfully with this card via Curve, please can you contact your card issuer?

Their Fraud or Risk team will be able to help and allow Curve transactions. Sometimes Curve triggers their risk engine because we’re still fairly new. Please ask to be put through to the Fraud department because the transaction attempts from Curve aren’t always seen by the Customer Service team.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,
Team Curve

After that it was a simple fix, I just changed the underlying card to charge from Monzo instead of JaJa. Logged into my TfL account and reauthorised my Curve Card for travel by settling with Monzo as the underlying.

JaJa need to lift this restriction asap as contactless and online payments are just the norm.

Oh okay so it seems like Curve are indeed able to decline the settlement TfL transactions. I assumed those couldn’t be declined as they seem capable of taking accounts into a negative balance even if an overdraft wasn’t arranged.

I think once it’s declined by the bank/card issuer (generally unlikely as they just let it go through with it being such a low value transaction and you’re not a massive Rick) and it gets back to TfL they ban the card and register a debt, if my memory serves me you need to go online to your online contactless account to bring it up to date and the card is allowed on TfL services again

Recently had my card decline again, this time with chip and PIN, despite having more than enough money available to spend and the app behaves as if everything is fine…

Turns out there’s another undocumented limit of how many transactions you do in 72 hours according to their support, with the usual fraud protection reason behind it. I guess if you make your product obnoxious enough then even fraudsters won’t bother so maybe it is an effective fraud protection measure? :joy:

In any case this makes the card absolutely unusable and this kind of surprises is not acceptable in my opinion. That’s already 2 undocumented limits and I’m sure there’s gonna be more. The whole “beta” thing looks like a lazy excuse - Monzo in beta was perfectly usable and when the product has limitations they were at least clearly disclosed to the user. If Monzo pulled it off there’s no real reason these guys shouldn’t be able to.


I’ve come across other credit cards which have similar undocumented limits - I guess the good thing is you raising it now during the beta so they can take usage patterns into account.

As well as telling support, it’s worth ‘shaking’ the app and submitting feedback that way as well.

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So this declined on chip and pin, even though customer service recommends using chip and pin?

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I guess maybe they were confused about my previous query regarding online declines, or maybe they think I’m complaining only about contactless declines and am too stupid to try contacted? It almost feels like the two halves of the reply were written by different people or one of them is just a copy/paste from somewhere.

It does seem that they’ve given up with app development. The latest release was only issued as the testflight release was 90 days old, so would expire, so 3 months with no updates, fixes or anything really. Wonder if they are even trying to add anything new. (E.g. apple pay)

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Jaja were working on a new version of their app (rather than just a minor revision)

But that was before Coronavirus and I have no idea how that will have affected their timescales

well I won’t hold my breath :grinning:

Before the coronavirus shutdown I maxed out my contactless limit receiving two declines

Incredibly frustrating - hope it’s sorted in time

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Wait until you hit the weekly transaction count limit. Neither contactless nor contacted will work.

You’ve forgotten about the yearly limit as well!

Surely, as it’s a credit card, shouldn’t all limits reset after the monthly statement has been paid?

(I know nothing about how JaJa works as I’m still on the waitlist :rofl:)

What’s the annual limit?

The limits seem to be there for “security” reasons and are presumably set by their card processor because when it declines because of the limit the app doesn’t even know about it.

I’m assuming those limits are hardcoded and Jaja can’t (for now) reset them even if the balance is paid off in full.

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