Distinct lack of modern Credit Card providers?

So I’m new to Credit Cards, had one a long long time ago to visit Japan, never needed to use it. I had expected to find a Monzo equivalent.

Just looking at a purchase card to offer protection on purchases and earn a bit of cashback.

  • Will be paying in full each month.
  • A second supplementary card for my other half would be nice.
  • A decent % of my purchases are food and fuel.
  • Already have a Natwest Reward current account.

So my current options with old school providers (crappy apps?):

Natwest Reward Credit Card

Sainsburys Purchase Card

Amex Nectar Card

Any others?

What about Fintech, basically just Tandem atm?

Tandem Cashback Credit Card

I can see these are in the pipeline, I’m on the list in case they turn out decent.

Jaja (beta)

Tymit (beta)

Bits/Fea (alpha)

Starling Credit Card (alpha)


The Amex app is actually not bad, and you get instant spending notifications (at least on iOS).


I’d suggest swapping the Amex Nectar card for either the Avios one or a Cashback one - in the long run you’ll get more out of points if you collect them wisely or just get cash backs


Do we know that Starling’s credit card is in alpha? I.e. has anyone seen one in the wild / got one / got the inside track? :eyes:

I have an Amex card and it seems to be about as good as it gets in the credit card world.

Credit cards are ripe for someone to rethink and build on a modern card processor.


Credit cards are ripe for :monzocard: to to rethink and build on a modern card processor * :wink:


My recent Starling chat suggested November/December. :man_shrugging: might just be saying that as running out of months in 2019 to pick from.

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Did they specify a year? :troll:

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It seems Tandem are the only ones, but unfortunately they don’t allow additional cards. They also seem to have annoyed a lot of people, and don’t allow increases to limit only decreases.

The disadvantage I can only see with Amex is acceptance by merchants. :thinking:

Does anyone know anything about Tandem’s card processor / tech stack? I don’t have a card, but they seem fairly old fashioned from afar (starting with paper statements et al).

That’s improved a lot recently


They’re not paper any more (unless you want them, I think)

Natwest Reward Credit Card does seem to be decent in 1% on supermarkets and 0.5% elsewhere. No fee from having the Reward account too and a MasterCard.

Problem is if their app is shit.

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The upcoming Tymit card looks good, but the beta :android: looking at starting a few months into 2020.

Likewise with Jaja also looks promising, I’ve been on their waitlist for a year. :disappointed_relieved:

Barclaycard has a half decent app and offers a great purchase offer :slight_smile:

I can only see it offers 0.25%? Unless I’m looking at the wrong card.

The Barclaycard Platinum has 25 months of 0% on purchases/balance transfer: https://www.barclaycard.co.uk/personal/credit-cards/platinum-purchase-bt

They also offer to check your eligibility before applying :slight_smile:

Oh I see, yeah I don’t need that but thanks. I’m not using as a cheap loan and I’ll be paying back in full each month so interest isn’t an issue. :+1:

Crack on then :wink:

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