Issues with Monzo Current account. Stuck at verifying details for 3 weeks now

Hi there anyone else seen this?

I chose to upgrade to the current account 3 weeks ago. Got the new card and a went to verify it and now the whole thing is stuck at we are verifying your information and has been for 3 weeks.

I have force uninstalled and reinstalled and changed device and issue persists its frustrating carrying around 2 cards for the day the system finally decides to switch can someone help pls?

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You need a COP.

@RichardR can you help?

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Send an email to - they should be able to sort that out for you.

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Hi there!

While I’m not technically currently working right now, I have just jumped on to have a look at this issue and fix it. One of my colleagues will reply to your message to us. :+1:


Hi All,

This has now been resolved by app chat , Thanks for your help


Hopefully I’m not being overly impatient but my app has been showing “verifying account information” for longer than the 48hrs period mentioned.

Is anyone here able to take a look?

Hey, at least I’m eager to get up and running. I’m looking forward to being part of the new wave of banking.


Hi Andy, bear with us, just looking into your account now :grinning:


Should all be resolved for you now @andymas78

Give us a shout if there’s any other issues!


Having the same issue. Hopefully someone can look into why my account is having activation problems too

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Should be sorted John :grinning:

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@simonb all sorted many thanks for your help.

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No problem!! :grinning:

Indeed, all sorted and card is on its way I’m told.

Thank you.

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Hey, I’m having the same problem with the app stuck on Veryfying account information for over 48 hours now.

Would someone be able to take a look?

Hi, I’ve just joined up because my app has also been stuck on the verifying screen for a week now and I’m not sure if that’s normal?


Drop an email and they will be able to fix this for you,

Drop an email and they can help you

sadly mine has also not yet been verifyed

Hi guys,

I applied also a few days ago and my app is stuck on “verifying details”. I emailed at but no response at all.

Can anyone help??

If you’ve emailed them, then you’ve done the correct thing so you just need to be patient.

You can try calling them too but email is probably best :slight_smile: