Issues with Monzo Current account. Stuck at verifying details for 3 weeks now


Hi there anyone else seen this?

I chose to upgrade to the current account 3 weeks ago. Got the new card and a went to verify it and now the whole thing is stuck at we are verifying your information and has been for 3 weeks.

I have force uninstalled and reinstalled and changed device and issue persists its frustrating carrying around 2 cards for the day the system finally decides to switch can someone help pls?

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You need a COP.

@RichardR can you help?

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(Leonard) #3

Send an email to - they should be able to sort that out for you.

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(Rika) #4

Hi there!

While I’m not technically currently working right now, I have just jumped on to have a look at this issue and fix it. One of my colleagues will reply to your message to us. :+1:


Hi All,

This has now been resolved by app chat , Thanks for your help

(Andy Mason) #6

Hopefully I’m not being overly impatient but my app has been showing “verifying account information” for longer than the 48hrs period mentioned.

Is anyone here able to take a look?

Hey, at least I’m eager to get up and running. I’m looking forward to being part of the new wave of banking.

(Simon B) #7

Hi Andy, bear with us, just looking into your account now :grinning:

(Simon B) #8

Should all be resolved for you now @andymas78

Give us a shout if there’s any other issues!

(John T) #9

Having the same issue. Hopefully someone can look into why my account is having activation problems too

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(Simon B) #10

Should be sorted John :grinning:

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(John T) #11

@simonb all sorted many thanks for your help.

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(Simon B) #12

No problem!! :grinning:

(Andy Mason) #13

Indeed, all sorted and card is on its way I’m told.

Thank you.

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(Matt) #14

Hey, I’m having the same problem with the app stuck on Veryfying account information for over 48 hours now.

Would someone be able to take a look?

(Andy) #15

Hi, I’ve just joined up because my app has also been stuck on the verifying screen for a week now and I’m not sure if that’s normal?


(Jack) #16

Drop an email and they will be able to fix this for you,

(Jack) #17

Drop an email and they can help you

(Cameron Pye) #18

sadly mine has also not yet been verifyed


Hi guys,

I applied also a few days ago and my app is stuck on “verifying details”. I emailed at but no response at all.

Can anyone help??

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #20

If you’ve emailed them, then you’ve done the correct thing so you just need to be patient.

You can try calling them too but email is probably best :slight_smile: