Stuck "Verifying your account Information"

(Robert Nield) #1

Hi Guys,

My account or app is stuck on “Verifying your account information”
I recently received my Card but cannot activate it because it is stuck on this.

Anything I have done wrong or do I need to wait longer? I believe I have waited the 48 Hours.

Any help is appreciated


(Marcus Nailor) #2

I would attempt to reinstall the app, it could be stuck that screen for some reason despite actually being completed on monzo’s side :grin:

But if that doesn’t resolve the issue then I’d shoot an email over to

Sadly there’s not much we can do here on the forum to help :see_no_evil:

(Andy) #3

As @nexusmaniac says just need to wait until checks are completed. I don’t know if they are done over the weekend so could be next week now

(Robert Nield) #4

Thanks for the quick reply!

I will give this a try and if not, I will email Monzo.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Robert Nield) #5


Didn’t think of reinstalling the app :thinking:
Worked and I got to activate my card now.

Thanks for the help guys :smiley: