Issues with Monzo Current account. Stuck at verifying details for 3days now


I Hope I’m not being overly impatient but my app has been showing “verifying account information” for longer than the 48hrs period mentioned.

Is this is the common thing, also I have no option to reach-out the Monzo team via Chat as nothing working in my App

I would appreciate if someone from Monzo team replies to me back with an update, please.

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You would need to contact help@monzo,com

Thanks for your response, Danny. I emailed them waiting for a response now…:neutral_face:

Shouldn’t take too long, just that they would need to look into it and as this is a public forum your personal details can’t really be discussed here.

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Hey, im having problem with the verification of my account its suck for like a month nearly.i tried to contact monzo by email but they never replied

I agree with you Danny. I’ll wait for them.

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Try to email them once again Adi. I hope they will get back to soon.

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There are Monzo staff on here so they will see this soon

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Sent another email lets see

Hey both :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issues :sleepy: As @anon72173902 has mentioned, emailing us is the best way to get this resolved :+1:

Thanks for looking into this topic. The issue has been fixed now by Monzo team…Big Thanks to team and Danny…:smiley:

Looking forward to my Monzo Card…woohoo…:man_dancing:


Where is staff ? No replies on email tho … very poor service its been more than a month I’m waiting to know i will get an acoount or not :smirk: