Card Declined

(Nick) #1

Hi, just had card declined when paying online for breakdown Cover with autoaid saying Card declined by Merchant. It happens too fast for it to have done any checks. I assume they are not set up correctly. What do I tell them to check for?

(Simon B) #2

Hey Nick! Sorry to hear that :confused:

Are you getting any decline information within the app?

(Nick) #3

Nothing in the app

(Simon B) #4

If there’s no decline information in the app, that means that the merchant has rejected the card outright, unfortunately :frowning:

I’ve raised the issue to our merchant acceptance team, who will reach out to the merchants to find out what’s going on here. Most likely their BIN tables are not up to date - full explanation of what that means here.

If you’re presently talking to their support, you could also pass on this link to them and they could perhaps escalate on their end also.

(Nick) #5

Cheers, I guessed that was what it was but couldn’t find that doc in the history.
Thanks very much

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

Might be an issue with 3D Secure, which Monzo will be offering in the next 3 months.