Issue with in app chat

I see when posting in the chat the message will be answered in …

It does not say how many minutes, hours, days, weeks!?

I am running Android 5.1 on BLÜ Life Mark (dual sim)





I get a 10minute typical reply - iOS ahead again eh :slight_smile:

the issue is presumably the display rather than the actual service ?


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It’s most likely a bug in the third-party Intercom SDK they’re using. It’s definitely a front-end issue, the backend is fine.

I’m on Android too and I’m told “the team typically replies in under 10 minutes”.

(Although are you opening up an old chat there, rather than starting a new one?)

I opened up an old chat to screenprint as the new chat had personal info in (and I could not be bothered to edit it). However, the new chat showed the same.

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As for a 10 minute response time I posted the identical query on Starling and got a reply in 4 minutes but no response from Monzo in half an hour

busy busy busy :slight_smile:

lol so an old chat shows an incomplete message time …hmmmmm… others on android get a 10 minute response time …weird eh ???

edited italics @anon44204028 - casting aspersions - apologies :frowning:


It’s behind authentication though (by your app’s access token) so it’s fine. I wish they would just trust the access token and not do the security theatre bullshit of asking for date of birth or postcodes in the chat.

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This is how I see it right now.


I think it could be because of your phones resolution or I’d you are using larger text. I think Monzo should fix this because a lot of folks use extra large text on phones for number of reasons.

Third part issue excuse is not good @anon23935806 in most cases but I know you’re only trying to explain the issue. :grinning:


Ive adjusted the text size to a larger font and that doesnt affect the blue banner text display in app chat, and doesnt affect the home screen display, or spending display, but does affect the account display and the payments screen - surely it should affect all displays if you increase the text size for displays ???

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Its not font but more to do with display size or screen resolution. Sorry not good at explaining :grinning:

So here is an example I am on the same phone and took the same screenshot after adjustments to screen resolution



What is the optimal resolution to see all the data?

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Well Android phones come in all sort of screen resolutions and sizes so it’s not one size fits all. Developers should think about these sort of scenarios and try to accommodate.

People with disabilities often struggle on lots of apps because text or photos just don’t get displayed properly when they adjust screen resolution.


Local variable rather than global then. Would be better if it changed all but I guess that would cause major issues with the display

(Yep, tonight I was helping with IT homework and had to define those terms. Now it vaguely looks like I have a clue :grin:)


I think @ianlyon is in almost every one of these screenshots.

I’ll see who I need to raise this with and if there is anything we can do :thinking:

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:scream: we have been very busy tonight for some reason!!

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That is because it is a day with a Y in, they do tend to be a bit unpredictable!

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Yeah. Damn them.



I’m an omnipresent entity!


I’d love to see them introduce Apple Business chat, I searched Hilton in Spotlight and you can use it just now in the UK - its so much easier. image