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Not sure if there is an issue with the support team but I’ve been waiting over 35m for a response to a query.

Maybe you could have a real-time chat option at some point which prevents people from hanging on waiting for a reply?


Just to be clear, the existing chat option isn’t used managed as a live chat tool. So once you’ve sent your message you can just close the app & wait for a reply from the support team. You’ll receive an email notification when they reply & should receive a push notification from the Monzo app too.

Obviously Intercom works as a live chat tool but the support team doesn’t have quite enough capacity to enable them to respond to queries straight away at the moment, the average response time is under 10 minutes though so you should hear from them any minute now…

If you haven’t had a reply in an hour, I’d send a quick message to bump the chat back up the list of unread messages. Intercom’s not a perfect tool when it comes to enabling users to spot messages that still need replies…

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Hi there Amar,

We’re sorry that you had to wait a while for a response yesterday :pensive: It was pretty hectic, and as a result our average response time crept up by a few minutes.

We respond to most in-app requests quickly (over the past few weeks, our median response time has been 3-4 minutes) however, yesterday was a busier day, and as a result it took an unusually long time for us to respond to you. It wasn’t representative of the experience you should expect when you message us, and if you need to contact us in the future again, we’ll hopefully respond within our expected timeframe :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions around this let me know - either here, or send you can send an email to directly.

Thanks, have a nice evening


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