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I notice the Chat button has been moved behind the Help pages on Android. Are the customer service team getting swamped?

(Johnny Ellwood) #2

I think its just to help users find the FAQ’s before going through to the COps


Also - would it be worth having some sort of current waiting time shown? Responses are taking up to half a day at the moment, which is still better than sitting in a phone queue, but some new customers may think they are being ignored…

(Hugh) #4

When you start a new chat, you’ll see it says “typically responds within x” - that afaik is the current, average waiting time


Hmmm…i thought that was more of a moving average


To be honest, I been ignoring that because it’s just not been correct at all in my experience. Always way off. I am hoping when Monzo move away from intercom to their in-house solutions this will get better.


Exactly. And exactly again to make 20 chars.

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