Issue with Barclaycard


I am having an issue making a payment to Barclaycard, when I enter my card number it picks it up as Maestro and says:

“An issue number is required for Maestro cards. If your card doesn’t have an issue number please enter the start date.”

Monzo cards don’t have a start date or an issue number! Help!!

I normally just do and bank transfer and is there the same day haven’t made a card payment to them so can’t help with that bit I’m afraid

I always pay mine with my card, either in their app or website. Just tired sending a small payment and it went through fine as a Mastercard Debit :thinking:


Just put in 0 for the issue number and should work fine


I have the same problem…

Put in 0 for the issue number it works, I had the same issue and done that.

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