Barclaycard App Advice

(Brandon Billingham) #1

I often try and pay my Barclay card bill prior to the direct debit as I only use the card for work expenses. So when work pay me, I pay the card.

The Barclay card app is pretty basic and seems to detect the Monzo CA card as a Maestro Card. It forces you to enter either an issue number or start date. I just entered the date I got the card as the start date and it was all accepted fine. TLDR; it works but you have to lie to it.

(MikeF) #2

Ah, useful I gave up trying to use my card with the app since it was getting me nowhere. I didn’t try the extra data entry.


An 00 or 01 issue number often works too on some sites.

(Liam W) #4

I can confirm that an 01 issue number worked with the Barclaycard app.

Wish I had tried that before I used the telephone system (which didn’t ask for a start date or issue number at all).

(system) #5

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