Card Details - Start Date Required

Hi there,
I’m wanting to use my Monzo card to pay some of my Barclaycard off, but when I add my card details it’s asking for a start date, which the Monzo card doesn’t have, just the expiry date.

Any suggestions on what to do?


It should be 3 years prior to your expiry date, I believe.

ok, that makes sense. I’ll give that a go and post an update.
Thanks for the quick reply

You sure it’s required? Normally there is a star (*) next to expiry date meaning that is required, but no star next to issue date meaning that is optional.

I’m not an expert but I think there are some cards for which they need the issue date as well (Switch card rings a bell), however for all other cards where it’s not required (and especially the ones where there isn’t one) you can leave it blank and it will go through.

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Set mine up on the barclaycard app and didn’t have to proved a start date.

awesome, that worked a treat. Thank you @FlyingDutchman

@rarther - I’m doing it through the Barclaycard app and because they class it as a Maestro payment (MasterCard’s debit payment) it won’t let me proceed until I’ve entered an issue number or a start date.


They must have updated it as it wouldn’t let me until I entered a start date or issue number.
Anyway, 3 year prior to the expiry date worked :slight_smile:

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I used an issue number of 01 instead with barclaycard the other day. That worked too and is less maths :stuck_out_tongue:


I used issue number 01 as well. Card been accepted by Barclaycard

You can leave issue number blank.

But not with Barclaycard. Because they believe that Monzo issue Maestro cards not Master…