Monzo Maestro - Tesco Bank

It’s such a small thing, but it’s affecting my newfound banking OCD :joy:

I’ve just added my Monzo card to the Tesco Bank app, and it’s recorded it as a Maestro!



Barclaycard seem to think it is a Mæstro too, hence asking for a start date or serial number each time you try to use it to pay your monthly bill!

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Very odd since the BIN numbers for maestro start with a 6!

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How do you pay it? Via the app?

Mine doesn’t ask for either of those :confused:

I just added it to the app (I inputted the card number, rather than “scanning the card”, which is an option).

Automatically came up with the Meastro logo.

Inputting card data thru their website on a browser, so app must be written differently, DOH!

EDIT the Homer Simpson’s “DOH” addressed towards Barclaycard IT not the above user!


Yeah, the Barclaycard app requests an issue number :frowning:

Setting it to 1 worked fine for me, but I don’t know why some things think it’s a Maestro card. Do Maestro cards even exist still? I’ve never seen one, and only know of them because of their logos on shopfronts :confused:


Yes. Maestro still exists, I used one in my local Co-op this morning!

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I actually vaguely remember having a splash plastic card when I was like 13/14 :joy:

The difference with Splash card is it is Not a Maestro Debit card but a Prepaid Maestro Debit card (so like comparing Monzo’s original prepaid card with the full debit card they have now)

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Ah true!

Jesus, that site is horrible!


I mean it still uses Flash!


I have a Tesco credit card and in the process of going #fullmonzo I’ve just added my Monzo card to my credit card and it’s coming up saying maestro. I have nothing on my credit card yet so don’t need to pay any bills. Does anyone have any problems paying their Tesco credit card even though it says maestro? It’ll be a big deal for me as Monzo will be my main account.

Nope - Zero problems.

I believe the 3DS send you a code to type in (rather than authorising in app now).

God bless that Monzo Maestro card!


Awesome. Thanks.