Issue with attempted fraudulent transactions

Is anyone else still having issues with random transaction attempts appearing from old card details?

I had one for Medics Mobility last week on the 18th May ;

This morning I’ve now had one for Pontoon Specialists ;

I felt this warranted a new thread rather than including it in the Mobile Networks thread as before.

What’s wrong with the threads where everyone is already discussing it?

Have you ever been a Lyca customer?

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Felt like I was taking the conversation way off topic as the conversation on that thread has moved on a little.
Sorry if that wasn’t the right thing to do!

I’ve been a lyca customer in the past but not with my Monzo details

There’s this one too


Ahhh never seen this one!
If someone can merge this one into that then that would be great!

I had an attempted fraudulent transaction on, as far as I can see, a virtual card that I had set up but never used…


Nice to see you :blush:

Yes I am having this issue. And for me the situation is bad because some recent transactions with my old (expired) actually managed to get through and take money from my account!

Monzo haven’t told me why this is yet, but I believe I’ve fallen victim to Monzo’s “Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater” feature.

I believe, some fraudulent transactions are going through because Monzo can tell Mastercard about your new card details. Currently when Mastercard receives charges against my old (stolen card), they automatically charge against my new card.
If this is the case then I really hate this, because if I get a new replacement card, it just means the fraudsters can just keep using my old card details and it’ll gets charged to my new replacement card. Kinda of rediculous for preventing fraud actually; Monzo are justing giving fraudsters access to my current card and all future cards??!

I reported the transaction and this blocked my current card (not the old card which had stolen details)!!

I contacted Monzo support via the in-app chat and tried to explain my situation. Took over 4 hours of the person on the other side not understanding. They were clearly following a script and situation didn’t fall into the common cases it was written for. Eventually the support client realised this and they said they’ll pass this onto the fraud team. That was the last I heard from Monzo.

I tried to ask them: how my old card is still being charged; whether “Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater” is being used; if they can turn it off; and whether they can properly block my old card, and unblock my current card.
I’ve had no answer for any of these questions so far. chat was closed and and I’ve been stonewalled. They wouldn’t even tell me roughly how long it’ll take for fraud to investigate and how they’ll contact me back. It’s been a few days now with my current card blocked and old card exposed and I don’t know what to do…

You need to ask them to remove the Continuous Payment Authority for the merchants you believe this is from.

They must act on this.

It could also be genuine fraud. Ever used Lyca mobile? Plenty of assumptions saying ex users of the mobile network using their card to top up, has been leaked (no proof, just assumed).

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You mean like that non-genuine fraud we get told about so much? :smiley:

It’s a split topic:

  1. Genuine fraud

  2. Lyca

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I was referring to when people swear blind that genuine transactions are fraudulent.