" Active Card Check " Most Likely Fraudulent

Just now I heard a notification and saw an Active Card Check in my Monzo for " World Market Ecomm " and it says £0 / $0 so I would assume this is definitely fraudulent.

Thankfully just blocked the card asap and ordered a new one. The only thing different I used my card for this week was at an ATM, but this was done at a legacy bank so surely cannot be from that.

Is this a common occurrence when someone gets your card details ? Perhaps a data breach somewhere ?

Have you got a Lyca sim or ever used the card with Lyca?

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Yes. I just suspected this too. Please give more info if you have any

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There’s a few reports here and over on ispreview that people who have Lyca, have been subject to such fraudulent transactions.

@jonj1 solely created a virtual card for Lyca, and that miraculously had an attempt too.

I’ve not used Lyca for some time, but my old card assigned to Lyca hasn’t had any attempts.

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Yeah I am suspicious of Lyca to be honest as I got some odd SMS messages directly to my Lyca sim card a few weeks back after never even using the number anywhere.

Looks like I will be leaving them ASAP. Thanks for the information dude, at least that gives some indication of what it was

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Tricky to point fingers but they’ve had breach reports in the past, it doesn’t look good for them.

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@AlanDoe any chance you could merge in the posts from the Mobile Networks thread regarding the suspected Lyca breach to this one?

Edit: Nevermind realised this thread isn’t directly about Lyca

Hi, sorry to jump on this thread a little late. Just had an active card check from Indo-Mim Inc for £0 and I’d been racking my brain for why this happened but I do have a Lyca sim so will get that changed asap.

Several attempts on my disposable cards used only for Lycamobile.

discussion for this is mainly in mobile networks thread

your the 4th person to have a Lyca exclusive virtual card compromised

did you see the ispr thread?

Yes, had a quick look at it. I can’t see how this isn’t linked to the data breach.

I’m glad I also used disposable email addresses in my dealings with them. I hope there’s no adverse impact on any other data in the hands of malicious actors🤞