£200 Barclaycard payment I need back urgently

I made a payment to Barclaycard of £200 on16th March. My Monzo account is holding another £200 to Barclaycard but on the 17th. I have been ill in bed for 3 days and have made no transactions so I’m not sure why this is pending. Can someone please help ASAP because I need this £200 back in my account. Thank you.

This is a customer forum. You need to contact Monzo directly through the in-app chat.

Touch the transaction you’re having trouble with and there should be an option for ‘Sonething wrong? Get help’ at the very bottom of the screen.

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Is this a direct debit transaction? If so, you can cancel the direct debit on the payments tab, and the money will stay in your account.

Of course, you still need to make sure you have made your minimum payment to Barclaycard.

Thanks for the replies. I made a manual transfer from Monzo to Barclaycard of £200 on 16th. Then on the 17th Monzo have authorised a payment at 10.30 at night. I have been ill since the evening of 16th so how was an authorisation some on 17th? I think Monzo have messed up here and I am getting nowhere on the online chat. They are saying it’s Barclays. It’s not Barclays. They have no direct debit or standing order setup. I manually make the payment every month. Monzo have authorised this without my consent.

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Barclays obviously have your card details, so they can put transactions through with those. It’s not great but it’s how the Mastercard & Visa systems work.

In terms of authorisation, because you’ve given your card details to Barclays it’s described as an ‘authorised’ transaction - that just means it doesn’t count as fraud.

If Barclays accidentally debited you twice, which it sounds like they did, they are definitely the ones who can refund that for you.


TIgermad says he’s made a manual transfer, which sounds more like a faster payment to me, rather than a debit card payment. If that’s the case, then Barclaycard wouldn’t have his card details.


It’s a pending payment? I don’t think you get pending FPS payments, only DDs and card payments.

Hi Tiger!

Is this the first time you have paid your Barclaycard.

Sometimes when you open a credit card with a new provider they have you fill in, or do it for you what’s called a regular payment instruction form.

This can store your card details, or sort code and account number and authorise payments by direct debit, or card transaction if the system believes you haven’t already made the payment.

Do you know when they payment date is for your card, if you have made it the day before more than likely the system thinks you haven’t made a payment as you should give all card payments/faster payments at least 2 working days to fully clear to apply to your credit card.

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No this isn’t the first time. Been doing it like this for years. Its a manual payment. Barclays don’t hold any of my card details so can’t take the payment automatically. The payment went through ok on 16th when I did it manually as always. I did enter the wrong ccv code first though so obviously the payment was declined. I am still sure Monzo have somehow approved that transaction and it went through the next day.

No they don’t have any of my card details. That’s why I make the manual payments and want it kept that way.

In that case are you totally sure there isn’t a direct debit set up in the account? Have you checked the direct debit page?

Or any chance you have set up a scheduled payment?

Transfers don’t generally send themselves, and sorry to be blunt but there’s really no chance Monzo just sent a random bank transfer. There must be a reason. Do you know what type of payment it is that’s coming out?

I get paid Friday and I told monzo I needed that £200 for food shopping this weekend and other things until then. They advised me maybe I need to speak with a debt management company if i am struggling. I find this a bit of a cheek since £200 has gone out of my account I want expecting due to no fault of mine.

Sorry but also - this sounds like a card transaction? In which case Barclays would have your card details.


I entered my card details in to make the payment. How else am I going to pay?

No scheduled payment has been set up and barclaycard have confirmed they can’t even see the payment pending.

Okay, then Barclays have your card details.

You might have paid by bank transfer… we were just trying to work out how the money was taken.

If it’s a pending card transaction, then Barclays are 100% the ones to speak to to get it reversed.

Right okay. So… if you’ve spoken to Barclays and they can’t reverse it, the next step is usually to get proof from Barclays that this authorisation was an error - an email for example. If you have that, Monzo should be able to reverse it for you.

I haven’t paid anything to them apart from I transfer on 16th March. Barclaycard have done nothing I have already contacted them.

It’s got nothing to do with Barclaycard. They haven’t requested anything and I haven’t sent them anything. They have already checked. How can they reverse something that is not there.

What I want to know is how have Monzo got an authorisation code.

Assuming this is actually a card transaction, The original payment authorisation will have come from Barclays. That’s a certainty - Monzo can’t create new authorisations on the card network, they need to have come from a Merchant.

It was probably a payment system error from Barclays that re-tried the original failed transaction or something like that. It does happen sometimes, when it’s £200 I totally get it can be stressful.

However, as long as Monzo can see from Barclaycard the the payment wont’t present they should be able to reverse it.

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