Issue paying Barclaycard DD with Monzo

Hi All -

I currently pay off my Barclaycard credit card with a monthly direct debit (DD) through my Nationwide, however I am trying to switch this to be paid off by my Monzo instead. The issue is within the Barclaycard app after inputting my Monzo details I get a ‘BDDE3 Error’.

I haven’t had much luck resolving. I’ll contact Barclaycard but thought I’d put it out there in case there have been similar experiences.


It looks like I’ve ‘resolved’ this by logging in via the web rather than Barclaycard app (although frankly it’s not fully clear it’s been successful).

It would reduce so much life faff if Monzo offered a credit card. These sorts of things, dare I say, might actually be straightforward / intuitive. :dizzy_face:

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Got to love a mysterious Barclays error code


I want to know what BDDE1 and BDDE2 are for now.

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I had this exact problem (and solution) yesterday. Glad to know I’m not alone

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I’ve tried to change my Direct Debit from Lloyds to Monzo for my Barclaycard, however, when I enter all my details I get an error code on the Barclaycard app BDDE3 and it says to check the details again. It won’t let me set this up.

Any ideas on how to make this work?

You need to use the website, not the app apparently:

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Thanks. Awesome that I cannot sign in via the web, despite using the same details.

I’ll try persist. Thanks.

Good luck!

yep same issue here in the BarclayCard App - however, I can’t even login to my BarclayCard account online, wont even send me the verification code to reset my login. This is an issue with BarclayCard, not Monzo - although I guess BarclayCard App is refusing it for some reason??

I have been trying to set up DD with Barclaycard via their app but was getting the same error message so I have called them this evening and they were unable to set one up saying it is because Monzo is an online bank and they won’t take DD’s from online banks. I have someone calling me back in the next few days to discuss it. How have people managed to get their DD’s with Barclaycard set up?

I did it through CASS - my barclaycard was paid off by DD from the barclays current account I CASSed over

I did mine via the app over a year ago, all went through fine until Barclaycard decided to cancel the DD a few months in for the same reason you mentioned “Monzo is an online bank”.

I then set it up via their website and it went through fine and has been fine ever since.

The Barclaycard app doesn’t seem to like Monzo for whatever reason, I’ve tried to make payments via the app and they just fail, always worked with my old bank. As soon as I make the same payment on the website the payment goes through.

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Before I setup a DD I was able to make payments through the Barclaycard App via Monzo. Seems very hit and miss for people by the sounds of it