White list MBNA's payment Sort code and account number

Issue: The app reports Sort code 77-29-00 Bank account 00000000 as unable to verify, could be scam etc. However, it’s the official payment bank account details for paying any MBNA credit card, possibly any Llyods credit card. The reference is your credit card number. Since they’re the entire bank and own the entire sort code, they probably don’t care about the account number.

See screenshot of “How to pay” section of my MBNA credit card statement. Alternatively, call MBNA and ask what their official payment Sortcode and bank account number is. Also see last screenshot of verification from MBNA that they received the payment (I made a small payment first just in case).

Suggest adding this and some other bank account numbers to a white list or something. Ideally would be better if there were built-in support for these types of accounts, that ensure you put your own credit card number in the reference field etc.

Details to reproduce: Attempt to pay Sort code 77-29-00 Bank account 00000000
OS: Android
Device: n/a
App Version: 3.43.3


OTOH a scammer might want you to pay money into that account to give money to someone elses credit card, so the warning seems fair.

I don’t see an issue with how Monzo do it when you first send - even to a credit card (as @TonyHoyle states).

My issue is they still ask you every time, even when I’ve already stated its all good in a previous payment. There should be an ‘I trust this account’ checkbox to stop it annoyingly popping up.


I wish they’d do a onetime verification then only make you go through this check if you make amendments ie set it to remember it’s a credit card payment and only trigger a check if you change the reference .

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What name as payee are you using?

With HSBC I had to fiddle a few times, until “HSBC Credit Card” worked.

Might be worth getting in touch with MBNA and ask them which payee name to use such that it validates?

Alternatively just use a debit card to pay off credit card through MBNA app.


Admittedly, I’ve had a scheduled/repeating payment from Monzo to MBNA for years set-up, before SCA & increasing fraud protection arrived, but I’ve never had a problem paying the 77-29-00/00000000 with the CC number as the reference - as a recurring scheduled payment.

The ‘warning’ display you’ve shown is likely flagged up when you attempt an initial single payment - there’s nothing wrong, it’s just a reminder to check all is OK before letting the money go.

(Also on Android, 3.44.0 at the mo)

Issue is not in sort code & account number.

But the name of payee not matching expectation.

For example, when paying to my monzo account I must specify my middle name, when paying to TransferWise borderless account I must not.

Can you please try “Mbna Limited” as the payee name?

Tried it myself, doesn’t work. MBNA / Lloyds should set the name on their side and tell us how to address them.

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Strange - I didn’t post the quote you’ve posted as being from me?

Are you sure? :thinking:


Sent, thanks :grinning:

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Just to clarify, I made the suggestion as a normal reply.

Then was like, I can try that myself. Did, saw it didn’t work, and edit the post to quote myself, and edit in what happened.

It was a reply to your message, but there was no attribution of quote to anybody. It was just me talking to myself and I.

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OTOH a scammer might want you to pay money into that account to give money to someone elses credit card, so the warning seems fair.

By that logic, any transaction for anything could be a scam. A scammer outside a supermarket could convince me to buy them something inside, turns out their not homeless but on 40k/year. Literally every single transaction could be a scam. Even receiving money could be part of a scam - maybe I got scammed on a cash loan service from some thugs.

At some point, common sense must prevail, we can’t be inundated with warnings on every transaction.

I suggest

  • at the very least, only do this warning once, not every transaction - yes I tested it, it happens EVERY time :man_facepalming:
  • longer term, add better support for paying off credit cards generally

There two sets of warnings

  • Account name not matching what user entered
  • Do you really want to transfer money?!

Currently sending money to MBNA trips up both of them, instead of just the second one.

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