Issue: I can't transfer money back to myself

Every month I transfer myself more and more money from my main bank account to my Mondo account. Looks like this month I transferred myself a little bit too much when this morning I realised that I didn’t have enough to cover my direct debits. That got me into negative balance. The only way out of this was to ask someone to transfer me some money to my main bank account, then pay them back using Mondo.

It would be great if I could do this myself within the app.


Yeah, I have this issue almost every month. Would be good to have the ability to put back a limited amount.

Remember mondo isn’t a bank account yet it is a prepaid card which I am aware you can’t do balance transfer on.

Here is my current “work around”- go to your own banks cash machine. Withdraw cash from mondo. Pay back into you own bank account.


use paypal to withdraw from Mondo and put into bank account


You can’t link Monzo and PayPal, can you?
Also, even though Loot is not a Bank, but a prepaid card, it gives you the option to transfer money back to UK bank account.

I have done this, you can pay cash into your current account for most banks at a Post Office and it is usually instant. This is handy as most high street banks are closed when you actually need to use them!

MOST Banks!? That is not true. SOME Banks is more accurate.

They do NOT accept:
Bank of Scotland
Bank of Ireland
Sainsbury’s Bank
Tesco Bank
Metro Bank (they only provide services to Business Accounts not Personal Accounts)
CAF Bank
First Trust Bank
Standard Chartered
Harrod’s Bank
Allied Irish Bank
Marks and Spencer
Raphael’s Bank
Starling Bank
Aldermore Bank
Fidor Bank
Credit Suisse
GE Capital
Deutsche Bank UK
Wyelands Bank
Nationwide and 43 other building societies
and dozens (30 or 40) of various Indian, Arabic, Greek, Cypriot, American, French and Asian banks operating in the UK, small independent Private banks and various Private Banking arms of larger banking groups.

This list also excludes various electronic money firms such as Monese etc who also do not use the Post Office.

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