Withdraw money


The ability to withdraw money/transfer an amount back to a debit card would be much appreciated.

(Lauren Mann) #2

Agreed! I just realised I topped up too much.


Whilst it’s not supported at the moment, to my knowledge. I wonder if you could pay yourself via paypal or PAYM somehow?

(Carl) #4

Agreed - this would be useful


Via. Mondo? No, AFAIK.

I tried to send myself money by clicking on send money and entered my mobile number though I received an error message saying you can send money to yourself.


I was thinking more of setting up your Mondo card in Paypal and transferring a balance to your Paypal account. Then you could transfer from Paypal back to your bank account.
Not sure if that’s entirely possible or if fees would be involved.


That’s long-winded. A simpler method would be ideal.

(Adam Hockley) #8

agree i would like this.

(Adam) #9

I don’t think you can actually do this anyway as the only option I have to add money to my PayPal account is via a bank transfer.


Well, that would be a setback.

(Yossi) #11

I think the ability of withdrawing money to a bank account is something essential.
I will not be transferring big amounts of money into my mondo card until I can have the peace of mind that I can transfer it bank to my bank account.

Of course this becomes pointless once you have a bank licence, but it might still be useful if you keep the prepaid card as a product (which I think it would be quite useful).

(Stuart Todd) #12

For the moment - go to cash machine - withdraw cash - deposit in legacy bank account. I did mine at my Santander branch. The guy working in Santander said he had read a lot about mondo and has a friend with the card. He thinks it’s a great idea and will really challenger some of the traditional banks once mondo gets its full licence :slight_smile: good news mondo