Transfer money back to my bank account?

I am not sure if this is already possible, but I topped up from my Natwest account, and I uploaded too much money. So I ideally need to send some back to my Natwest account. Is there a function to reverse a ‘Top Up’?


Not really. Your best bet is to withdraw the cash and pay it back in to your own account.

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You could try asking the support team. Or just withdrawing the cash at an atm.

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I have sorted it now, but it maybe worth adding the feature so money could be moved back


Glad to hear! Just out of interest, which route did you take?

It’s only going to be a problem for 6-9 months. Once we get current accounts it will be all sorted.

I just transferred some money from another savings account to cover my shortfall.

Glad you got it sorted. I was trying to think of other options and in theory you could send the money to a friend / family member’s PayPal account. They withdraw the money and then forward it back to your account.

Not a perfect solution but being electronic avoids having to visit an ATM and pay cash in at a branch.

As Ben pointed out, fortunately this is a short term problem.

At this moment, unless I am missing something, if one loses their pre-paid monzo card, any credit on it will be lost as a result.
I believe the ability to move the credit back to a back account is a very much needed option as otherwise one may potentially lose a considerable amount on money.


If you lose your card, freeze it in the app, then contact support who should be able to send a replacement out(there maybe a charge for this, I dunno)

There is not. Don’t do it too often though. :wink:

To confirm, you can indeed just order a replacement card from the app after freezing it if you lose your card or it becomes damaged. Contact support if the old card is used fraudulently between the time you lose it and freezing + replacing it.


No, not at all!

There’s actually many that are confused about this. So the money isn’t kept on the actual card per se, but rather your Monzo account. The moment you activate a new card, the money moves to the new card. If you were to lose your card, you’d instantly freeze it and order a new one. If someone were to spend fraudulently on your lost card we’d raise a chargeback and you’d be reimbursed to the account.

We also get people worried about cards that get lost before they’ve been activated, worried that someone might find the card and spend on it, but that’s not possible either, because the card has to be activated to your logged-in app - only then does it link that card to the money on your account.


I had the same problem yesterday - I accidentally topped up too much, and didn’t really think of the consequences until Monzo was down yesterday. I didn’t have any money in my other account (that I have for direct debits) and had to transfer money from my savings to cover me for the day. It’s my own fault for topping up too much but it would be great if there was an option to transfer money back from Monzo account to bank account :smiley:

As soon as Monzo get their full banking license & launch the current accounts later this year, you’ll be able to do this, just like any other bank :slight_smile:

If you keep your legacy bank’s account too, you’ll be able to use Faster Payments to transfer your money between your accounts.


That’s great, thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

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I’m new to monzo and was planning on using my card whilst on holiday next month. I’m a bit concerned with the recent issues that people were having with the card and wondered if there was a way for me to transfer money from my monzo account to my bank account?

Hi Sarah,

At the moment it’s not possible to transfer money from your Monzo prepaid card to another bank account I’m afraid. For now, you’ll need to withdraw it from an ATM & deposit in with your bank.

That’ll no longer be an issue once you have a current account & can make a bank transfer instead.

I’ve moved your post here, as this use case has been discussed before & it’ll help other users find all of the different options, if everything’s in one place. I hope that’s ok :slight_smile:


That’s fine thanks for letting me know :grinning: I’ll take my other bank card with me anyway just in case.

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Hi there,

I’m going on holiday and wish to put all my money on my monzo card so I can reap the benefits. If I lose this card when abroad I can freeze it and then get a replacement card to my house which won’t be much use to me. So right now until monzo gets the current account I cant transfer money back to my bank card? So it’s best to bring cash instead. I probably shouldn’t rely on this card until this happens then I guess. So is it best to transfer little amounts during my holiday onto the card each day? That’s probably the best option ay?

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Transfer as much as you’re comfortable with. It’s the same as losing your usual bank card. Definitely keep some cash as backup though if all of your money is going to be on it. FWIW, Monzo are pretty accommodating if you’re on holiday and lose the card, if you ask in the in-app chat, they may be able to send it to you wherever you are at the time.