A little confused about limits

Hi all

Looking at the limits, I’m a little confused. Is the max amount of money I can have in my account £10,000? And in addition, can I only move £2000 out a day, and spend £2000 on card a day?

Thanks in advance!

There is no maximum account balance. :+1:t2:

There are separate limits for each payment instrument (card, faster payments, cash withdrawals, etc) which are displayed in the app.


Awesome, thanks for the information!

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Screen shot for anyone finding this:

My daily bank transfer is only £2000 :confused:

Presumably`you’re a new customer. Your limits will increase automatically the more you use your account.


Limits can vary for a variety of reasons so always go by what it says in your app. Certain limits can be adjusted temporarily by contacting support via inapp chat


Good to know. Not unexpected - I have had my account for a long time (in Monzo time, July 2017), and use it for all of my month to month spending.

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I wish I had enough money to worry about a maximum account balance. :money_with_wings: :slightly_frowning_face:


I certainly have not got enough money to worry about the maximum balance - just was wondering what the limits were compared to a normal/Lloyds bank

Wish I did :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the other limits.

I have enough money to worry about a maximum balance*. :smiling_imp:

*credit card balance that is. :joy:


That is mentioned in the screenshot above :slight_smile:

I find the limits to be unacceptable and restrictive. In particular the daily transfer limit. Compared to the established banks Monzo’s limits are low. I would not want to have to contact support to have to request a higher limit which should be available if there are sufficient funds in one’s account.