Is there a bill reminder on the joint account?


On the joint giphy account there dosent seem to be a reminder for scheduled payments? Like a pop up notice a day or three before so you can empty the pot for payment. Ive got my partner to join Monzo and this is driving her crazy. Is this something that exists or something that could be added? As the saying goes “Happy wife, happy life” :grin:

direct debits come up the day before for us on JA. Is this what you mean?

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Yes it is exists, including an alert if there isn’t enough money to cover outgoing payments.

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Advanced notice (shown as ‘dimmed’ upcoming transactions in the feed) and alerts (“put some money in quick or else…” notifications) have both recently worked with our Joint Account (Android app).

I love the first one. I’m not fond of the second one but that’s my issue :scream: and I’m glad it works.

Yes. Is is highlighted in sheduled payments or do you recive a message?

Does the alert come up as a notification on you phone?

On my current accout i get these notifications. But admittedly ive not been paying attention to the JA. Ive set up sheduled payment as a test on our JA to see what happens. Maybe we have a glitch or just not paying attention :roll_eyes:.

Does the alert come up as a notification on you phone?

It did for me/us - Android notification on each phone

I don’t get notified when they are added, just notice them greyed out at the top. I do get notifications if the amount has changed and I assume I’d receive notifications if there wasn’t enough money in the account to cover

Yes it does. I’m using iPhone.

Late coming back forgot the thread. It seems to be OK on both phones now and has been for about 3 weeks. Not sure what it was friends and family didn’t have the problem. But still it is all working fine now. But thanks for your responses :grin::+1: