Is the Monzo help chat broken on iOS 11?

I sent a non-urgent query through to the Monzo help chat on Friday, and I still haven’t heard back. I sent an urgent query earlier today and I still haven’t heard back.

If I click on Chat History in the Help section, I don’t see either of those two chats.

Is the Monzo help chat feature broken, or is Chat History supposed to only show chats that Monzo have responded to?

I’m using the latest version of iOS 11 on an iPhone X.

Hi @calumjames :wave:t3:

From my knowledge it should show any sent messages.
I haven’t experienced any issues recently myself.
It may be worth reinstalling the app, could be some little bug in there somewhere.
If you still need help drop an email to or call Monzo on 08008021281 if it really is that urgent.

Hope that helps, let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the help and advice, @Jackcrwhitney!

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It is possible to type a message and for you not to click send and the message to look like it’s gone but it hasn’t actually sent. Can you see the message you typed in?

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