How do I find a conversation I had with a COP in the app?

I had a question yesterday related to my account but was unable to reply at the time and don’t want to ask the question again (although if I have to I will).

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In the Monzo iOS app tap ‘Help’, scroll to the very bottom of the screen, tap ‘Chat History’.

Unless you have been switched over to the new chat system, in which case you may not be able to view your chat history.

Out of interest, how do you get to your most recent chat with the new system? For example if you send a message and then exit the app?

I got notifications when new messages were sent to me (if I recall correctly). When you go into chat history it is literally just the stream of chat though. It isn’t broken down into different “events” and it doesn’t look like you can search within it either. So you’d have to keep scrolling back for old messages.

I know a lot of development work has been going into the new chat system though, so I doubt it is finished yet.